Yours Truly

I'm Kifia, 22 y-o young woman from Southern Finland who nows lives in Lapland D:
In my blog I write about my hobby; cosplay!

I have been doing this since the summer of 2007, when I went to my first convention and also cosplayed for the first time!
Since then I've been hooked to this hobby and I started to learn sewing by myself. Of course I have been to school and there you learn the basics of the basics, but.. You still learn nothing, if I dare to say! :)

At the moment I study Clothing Design in the Faculty of Art and Design of University of Lapland!

Besides cosplay I also love to photograph, draw and sew everyday clothes for myself :)
I also spend a lot of time with my Chihuahua boy, Choco.

Hopefully you'll enjoy my blog!