Wednesday, December 9, 2015

Day 8: Tracon 2015 through photos

Sorry that I'm a day late. I guess I've just been so effing tired and after the seminar for my master's thesis I just wanted to sleep but I actually spent the evening cleaning my apartment for the holidays.
And I've actually had a hard time with if I should make this post or not as I don't really have that many photos of Tracon.. but still I ended making this post, haha.

I was working as a cosplay worker once again and as I spent most of Saturday at the backstage I didn't wear a costume that day. I was also very tired afterwards so I left to my friends place pretty early. On Sunday I was also working but had cosplay plans with a friend. So I wore my Beast costume again (the one I made to Frostbite). I only got individual photos during the day and in the evening we went to have a little photoshoot. I haven't had time to edit any actual photoshoot photos so I only have one and I decided to add it at the end of this post! :)

Friday evening, pizza time!!

Before leaving to the con, I was walking my dog.

I was wearing my rainboots as it was supposed to rain... and it didn't!
Do I look important? Good. (We were in the elevator and on our way to get food from green room)

Stage things, the hosts were practicing their opening for the show.

Had a break and went to eat, I decided to take some selfies.

SUNDAY! Again selfies in the elevator!

I chaged into costume during our break, still kept some of my normal clothing on.

After the competitions I got time to have fun with friends, here me and Ninnu decided to take pretty selfies as we were done shooting my costume and just talked a little and enjoyed the sun.
While we were just sitting on the bench with Ninnu, Alberto Mardegan photography came by and took photos of us!
At the evening we went to shoot Beast and Joker with Chamira as our photographer!

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