Sunday, December 6, 2015

Day 6: Why Cosplay?

Thaki had made a nice post about how and why he started this fine hobby of his. At the end of the post he kinda challenged others to do the same. And I thought "why not?". I can't remember that I would have ever shared the story of how and why I started cosplaying and as I'm making this calendar kinda thingy I think that this topic is actually pretty suitable theme to blog about. So, he had some questions written down for others to answer to and those were:

1. How did you start cosplaying?
2. What makes cosplay an important hobby to you?
3. Why do you cosplay? 

So let's begin, shall we?

First of all I got more into this manga and anime business when I was in 7th grade I guess? My friends back then were the "cool chicks" and I didn't know anything about manga. I had been watching Pokémon, Sailor Moon and other animes from tv (but at the time I didn't know they were called anime) though. During the spring of 7th grade I started hanging out with my bff and got more into manga and actually I really liked her drawings back then and that also inspired me to start drawing in that style. During the summer of 2006 my bff visited Finncon-Animecon and came back and told me about the event and showed photos too. That got me really excited and I guess it was her idea to go to Finncon-Animecon again in the summer of 2007 and I went along with her. I just can't quite remember how we got into making our own costumes but we ended up cosplaying Kairi and Naminé together with her. And after that we were super excited to go to another convention and to cosplay more and I guess I have just stayed on that road? My bff hasn't cosplayed in a long time which is sad as it used to be so much fun to cosplay together.

I'm not sharing you any photos of my first cosplay here, but if you want to see it you can just go check it on my facebook page. (I linked the photo, you are welcome.)

The second question is actually pretty hard. Because I haven't thought about this question that much. But I guess why cosplay is important to me is partly because of my past with it. Like starting the hobby with my bff and still cosplaying together with my friends is really important part of this hobby for me. Also I guess it has became a habit of mine and a way of life? I do cosplay characters that I really like, but cosplay isn't nowdays so much of showing the fangirl in me like it was back when I started. One reason to cosplay is also that I get to make things by hand and learn new things and make new friends constantly. I guess my reasons may seem a little shallow for some, but cosplay is really important even though I can't maybe show that well why it is important for me.

I actually think that questions 2 and 3 have pretty much the same answer.

Hopefully this post was any fun to read, sorry that I didn't write longer one, I just think a post full of text and no photos can be a little too much to handle. At least for me, haha :D 

(Happy independence day to Finland, yay!)

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