Friday, December 4, 2015

Day 4: Cosplay all the Disney characters! #3

There's not many Disney ladies from live actions that I would like to cosplay but there are few. Also these are in a random order. These characters are a little more on the maybe side that on the LET'S COSPLAY THEM NOW if you know what I mean. But there's a lot of potential in these fine ladies so let's get on to the list!


Some might say what, but you have cosplayed Giselle already? Well yeah, but this curtain dress of hers has always been my favourite. I always thought that this dress was a little off limits for me because of the print the dress has. But you know what? I actually now know where I can get a fabric like that and I actually have a really pale pink fabric that I could use for the dress too. So Giselle might actually happen in the nearish future!

(The Wonderful Wizard of Oz)

I'm sure there's many opinions of this movie but I like this movie mostly for it's costumes. And when I went to see it with a friend I actually made a post to my fb-page that I want to and need to cosplay Theodora. I just loved the outfit. But you know what? Theodora is the one on this list I most likely will never get to cosplay. But we never know, maybe I'll find myself making this costume in the future (at least now that I told that I won't be cosplaying her). But still I keep her on my lit because maybe someday it's this costumes turn.

Anastasia Tremaine

Who could not want to cosplay something so truly awful? Just look at the dresses of Anastasia and Drizella. I love how awful the dresses are still being kinda pretty in a very odd way. I have loved the stepsisters of Cinderella and now there's actually a costume I would like to do! Just imagine all the derpy photos I could take with someone a Drizella. I guess I have to start searching for a sister! And also there is a reason I want to cosplay Anastasia and not Drizella is that in the movie Anastasia has softer facial features than Drizella and I believe I could pull her off better.

(Alice in Wonderland)

There's actually two dresses I really would love to make from Alice in Wonderland. And happily I found a picture of these dresses together. The one on the left is the one Alice has on while she is at The Red Queen's castle. The other one she wears when she's tiny and Mad Hatter makes the dress for her. These two dresses are my ultimate favourites of hers. And you know what? I looove Colleen Atwood's designs. And I'm already super excited for the Alice: Through the Looking Glass and also for The Huntsman: Winter's War (which is coming from Universal not Disney - I know!). I'm pretty sure that I will find many characters or at least costume to make from those movies too.

And I know that my live action list is actually really short. Which I find actually good as these characters are played by actresses and aren't drawn and I would actually like to resemble the actresses even a little. And I'm not saying I do resemble any of them but still.. That would be a nice plus. And I'm pretty certain that I forgot some ladies from my list even though I went through a list of all the Disney movies ever made. But let's see what tomorrow brings. Bye!

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