Thursday, December 3, 2015

Day 3: Desucon 2015 through photos

I actually had started making post about Desucon 2015, but with lack of pictures of my costumes I never really got myself into finishing that post. Now I decided to make that post, still without those photos of my costumes but you will see a lot of selfies (hopefully, I can't actually at the moment remember if I took that many selfies during the event.. hmm..) and other photos. Even couple of photoshoot photos.

On Friday I was just basic me, on Saturday I cosplayed Claudette the Bimbette together with Ilona and Kizzy as my triplet sisters and for Sunday I finally finished my Thumbelina costume! Also I was once again working at the convention as a cosplay worker and I even got my 15 seconds on stage haha. Fun times we had. Also one of the best things was that people told us, the Bimbettes, that during the day we started to look kinda one and the same. Which is very good as we were cosplaying triplets. But yeah, onto the photos!!

© Ilona

© Nyymix

© Ilona

© Strikewell Photography

© jesmo