Wednesday, December 2, 2015

Day 2: Cosplay all the Disney characters! #2

aaaaaaaaand it's time for the other part of my Disney list! This list still only contains characters from different Disney animations (also Pixar) so let's get started, shall we? Also I forgot to add the next lady before Esmeralda (as the movie she's in came out before The Huchback of Notre Dame) so bear with me a little.

Bo Peep
(Toy Story)

As some may remember back in 2009 I actually cosplayed Bo. But I've never really been happy with the costume and as there's been at least rumours (I haven't checked them in awhile so I might be wrong) that the 4th movie will be about Woody and Bo. That's why I would love to redo my costume and show my never ending love for Toy Story movies!

The Muses and Megara

Oh boy. What I like about Megara is how she's a damsel in distress who needs no man to save her. I've always loved how she is so strong but at the same time she has this very vulnerable side to her which is very relatable. And then the oh so sassy muses. There was a birthday party back in 2009 where me and my friends talked about cosplaying the muses. My need to do it is still very strong. So yeah. I would looove to cosplay either Calliope (tallest) or Melpomene (long hair). But I guess I could cosplay Clio if needed (the second tallest with the scroll). I just think the muses need to happen, okay?

Jane Porter

Tarzan was actually the theme of one of our competition programs back when I skated. So I have watched this movie on so many occasions and now the songs by heart. I probably could still skate our program if needed, haha. So Tarzan has a special place in my heart and I WANT to cosplay from the movie. And for me the only choice is Jane. (I don't think I could pull off Tarzan ;D) I do like her first outfit and maybe will make it, but it's not on my list. Instead on my list is this simple yellow top ad green skirt outfit she has. I just want something easy and cozy once in awhile so yeah. That's the reasons for this outfit. 


For a long time I thought that I would never cosplay Merida. But with time I noticed that I have kinda roundish face that could possibly suit her. Also I have those freckles that she also has. Soooo. I have actually started to like the idea of cosplaying her. But I would most likely do her lighter blue dress (the one he has when there's the competition of who gets to marry her) as that dress would be more interesting for me to make.

The Queens of Arendelle

See what I did there? The Queens of Arendelle? I'm so clever it hurts, not. I love Elsa and I feel like she is me in so many ways. I'm not even going there why I want to cosplay her again as it's a hole that will just keep on going if you know what I mean? The other character from Frozen that I would love is the mother of Elsa and Anna. (I guess she was called Queen Idun in Once Upon a Time?) She's also a character that you don't really get to know that well but I actually really love her clothing and would love to try and do something like those as I would get to challenge myself.

Honey Lemon
(Big Hero 6)

I loved the goofy, geeky, nerdy Honey Lemon since I first saw her. And that was way before I saw the movie. And after the movie I just felt like I have to cosplay her. And last summer I actually had plans to cosplay her but then again plans change. And I would love to make these two outfits of hers but there's actually a third outfit also that I need to make. So yeah, Honey Lemon will happen eventually.

And that is pretty much all the animated ladies I want to at the moment cosplay from Disney at some point. When and where is very open with all of them and groups would be super nice too! Gosh I'm super excited now that I actually went through my list here and have a good idea of characters that I might cosplay next year ;) But will see about that! Also tomorrow I won't go through characters for me to cosplay but it will be something different. So stay tuned!

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