Tuesday, December 1, 2015

Day 1: Cosplay all the Disney characters! #1

Hey you guys it's 1st of December! And I'm alive! Well that you would pretty much know already if you follow me on social media haha. I know that my blog has been dead silent this year. I don't know, I guess facebook just has come a bigger part for me when it comes to sharing my cosplay experiences an updates. But I decided to try to change that this month! We'll see how this will work out..

So I decided to have this kind of like Christmas calendar thing but not quite. I'm going to try to post something every day 'till Christmas eve. So this will hopefully light up my passion for blogging again. (Or maybe it's just time for me to stop completely blogging and just use fb, dunno)

Soooo the theme today is cosplay all the Disney characters! But not quite all of them and this post only contains characters from the animations (Walt Disney & Pixar) as I decided to make another post from the live action characters! And I actually decided to cut this one in half  haha. There's soooo many characters that I would love to cosplay and I have actually made a list! When the summer was over I also decided that I would try to cosplay at least one character from this list/year. So you'll see me as one of these characters in the year of 2016! (Not giving you guys any spoilers who it could be! haha.)

In my list I have the characters and also if they have many outfits all the outfits have been separately added to the list. So.. here we go? I was going to just edit everything together but I decided that it would be probably easiest to go these characters through from movie to movie. Also the order is from oldest to newest! (Just to make everything easier.)

I also remembered that last year Ilona actually made a calendar about her cosplay dreams/wishes/etc. and one of the days were about Disney characters. Whoops?

Snow White 
(Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs)

So. Snow White. What can I say? I haven't ever really liked her. Ever. Which makes it a little funny that I would like to cosplay her. With Snow White what I like is pretty much just how she looks. I have always liked her looks, like the black hair and red lips. So yeah. I don't really think that I will cosplay her anytime soon but she is on my list.

 Blue Fairy 

Blue Fairy is like Snow White. I don't really know that much about her as a character. (She's seen in the movie couple of times but that's that.) And the reason she actually first time popped into my mind was because I own a wig that I could use for her. Also I would love to try and create wings which I haven't done before so this costume, while being very simple, could gve me some challenging and new things to learn.


Cinderella is a character I don't hate but I also never really liked her either. After her live action film I have seen her in a little bit more in a positive way. She's always been such a sweet and caring character which I have liked so cosplaying her could be quite nice. Though with her I wouldn't want to make her ball gown but instead these two outfits. It's the peasant one and the mice made gown. I don't know why I seem to end up cosplaying characters with red or pink clothing as those two colors are the ones I dislike the most.. Hmm..

Princess Aurora 
(The Sleeping Beauty)

Unlike the other characters I have always loved Aurora. I can't really point out why but I have always loved her and since I started cosplaying I have had her in my plans. And I really want to make both of her costumes that can be seen in the film. With her gown I have actually always struggled. Should it be blue or pink? As my favourite color growing up (and watching Disney movies) has been blue I feel like if I would cosplay her the dress should be blue.

Arista, Vanessa & Ariel
(The Little Mermaid)

So. This one is fun! Ariel goes into the same box with Snow White; I haven't really ever liked her but I have liked her design. Also I love the original tale and this movie adaptation of it a lot. So cosplaying Ariel hasn't really been that important for me but cosplaying from the movie has. And the first character I actually originally have wanted to cosplay from The Little Mermaid is Vanessa (Ursula you know). And she still is on my list. And if I ever would cosplay a mermaid it would definetly be Arista. I love Arista okay? (Also again with the red, what's wrong with me???) But Ariel also has outfits that I like, the blue dress and the sparkly dress. Yeah. The sparkly one s so fancy it just need to be done, okay?

(Beauty and the Beast)

Like Aurora I have always loved Belle (though Aurora wins). I have actually liked her pink winter dress the most and I have disliked the yellow ball gown. But as you can see I have all of her outfits here. I guess time has been good for me as over time I have started to like even the green and yellow dresses. (Yellow and green colors also go into the some "ugh"-bin with red and pink.. Yeah, I really liked blue as a child okay?) And a I have many times planned on making the pink dress maybe I could soonish finally do it? Or one of the other dresses. Don't know. So. Many. Choices.

Harem girl

After cosplaying The Bimbettes I actually wanted to cosplay more side characters and then these ladies ame to my mind. I would just love to cosplay them. And if someone would love to cosplay them with me I would be so happy. (Also this would work as a thinspiration for me okay?)

(The Hunchback of Notre Dame)

I don't think I have ever opened up about my passion for France? I really love France and because of that I actually studied french for a while. Also this movie. Gosh I love this movie. My favourite song from it is Hellfire. Yeah. Burn baby burn. Okay, back to business. The Hunchback of Notre Dame is pretty dark (so is pretty much every Disney movie....) but I still loved it. And actually back when I skated one of our shows was based around this movie (I played a skeleton with my synchronized skating team, it was awesome). So I see this movie from maybe a little more of a personal point of view. But yeah, Esmeralda has been my favourite Disney lady too and I've been planning on cosplaying her for years too. Especially her performance outfit has been to my liking. (Need to start pole dancing perhaps?) But her more regular outfits speaks to me too. I love the colors. 

Yeah. So deep. I'm actually thinking that this post is already sooooo long and it's only halfway through so I will cut this here this time and continue it tomorrow. So let's continue tomorrow!

Was there any characters that were a surprise to you? Or have you planned on cosplaying some of these characters? 


  1. I was really surprised by the Harem Girls. x) Seeing this reminds me that I also want to cosplay some classic Disney characters but I just can't figure out who. :/ I keep thinking that at least someone from Mulan would be awesome though, since it was by far one of my favorite animated movies as a kid.

    1. Haha, I can see why they would be a surprise! :D
      If it was your favourite then you should definitely cosplay from it! :O I think you could pull off many characters from that movie, like for example Shang! :)

    2. OMG yes, Shang!!
      Why the heck haven't I thought about him before?? Holy crud, this needs to happen someday! I would even get to make several different prop weapons, woop! :'D Thanks a lot!

    3. Yay, happy to be of help! :D
      Can't wait to see you possibly cosplay him someday! :3

  2. Joo haaremitytyt vielä joskus. Ja muusat 5/5 todellakin.

    1. Tämä hyvä, haaremi tytyt on heti parhaat bimbojen jälkeen. Ja muusat jes!<3