Friday, May 1, 2015

Once upon a time in February..

..there was Desucon Frostbite. Before getting to the real subject let me tell you something.

I know I haven't blogged anything since Animecon, but this school year has been insane.
I've been super busy with all the courses and my bachelor's thesis.
I also was one of the producers for Arctic Fashion Show which really ate a lot of my time.
I still have 2 photography courses (methodology and monochromatic, I already finished my portrait and studio course), photogravure, and my thesis to finish. Also I started work already and that has taken a lot of my time as I'm working over at Helsinki and school is up here north. So yeah, I'm pretty tired and that's why I haven't had time to blog. It's actually miracle that I have finished 2 cosplay costumes.

But to Desucon Frostbite!

This time my sister joined me as she turned 18 in December and we went straight from home to Sibeliustalo. I was so happy that our grandma loaned one of their cars for us! Cars make everything easier you know.
On Friday I wore my Maki (summer uniform) costume again and Ninnu wore her Rin costume from Love Live!
We arrived a little late with my sister so I didn't have much time before I had to go to work over at the backstage! Yeah, I was a cosplay mommy at Frostbite so I had work on Friday and Saturday.
We did have enough time to take some photos with Ninnu though! Happyhappy~
Also I met someone while I was waiting for my sister and gosh that person made my day, not only did she recognize me but also told that my costume is great, Thank you!

Both photos © ElyonToWendy
Edit: Kifia
After photos I had to leave to backstage and we had rehearsals with the performance competition contestants! There was also Double!Maki's at the backstage as Lunatar had her Maki costume (Wonderful rush) on. After working we gathered the group that would be staying over at Ninnu's and went first to buy food and then went over her place.

Backstage selfies from Friday~
r, me and Nezukuro
Also notice the ado
rable Moogle balls we have! From those all the contestants could recognize the copslay mommas

We woke up pretty early and still somehow was a little "late" from our original schedule. When I got to Sieliustalo I talked with friends for a moment and then went working. At first I was over at info giving out tickets to the competitions and when the time came I headed to backstage for rehearsals before the actual show.

I actually wore a new costume, Beast from Kuroshitsuji. This time it was a costume from the anime and the outfit is actually on the screen for maybe 2 seconds so it's not super recognizable. Also I had made plans with a friend and she crossplayed Joker, but in the end we didn't get a chance to have a photoshoot so I guess I'll get another chance at wearing it. So yeah, most of the photos are just selfies, bear with me?

Me, Chamira and Sanni
I got a Valentine's choco f
rom Chamira, thanks darling!

But yeah, work was fine and this was actually my second time as cosplay mommy, this time though I was the cosplay mommy for performance competition contestants and also part of my job was getting the props on stage and off stage. It was pretty tiring as you may imagine? haha

After the competitions and after I was done with my work I was just with friends untill we decided to go see one program, but we left in the middle as we wanted to take part in the pillow fight.

Moments before the pillow fight, waiting for permission to GO TO WAAAAARRRRRRR!!!
After the pillow fight we did hang out a little more and took part in some stuff, can't remember the names. But I also wrote on one heart and added that to wall of hearts(?). After a long day we went bak to Ninnu's and then it was already time for Sunday.

The day went by with me hanging with friends and over three months later it's actually pretty hard to remember details. 
But it was restaurant day and we bought sushi from a car outside Sibeliustalo. That was pretty memorable. Also I may have been hoarding wasabi, uups sorry guys.
Also I didn't cosplay, but got to photograph Ninnu and Miama, I'll be uploading those photos another time as I have a lot of cosplay photography catching up to do.
And I guess I spent most of the time with my friends, just talking and catching up. Which was nice :3

I got a polaroid camera as a christmas gift from Lily and I used it to take some selfies with friends, here's those too!

But that's it. Soon this school year will be over and things will hopefully get to more normal. So more blogging, yay! 
'Till next time~!
ps. Happy May 1st everyone, have a blast!

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