Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Animecon XI

As I've been waiting for photos from Animecon I've been postponing this post, but now, here it is! :3
(And also I've just been doing essays for art history so that's eating all my time, boohoo ;;__;;)

When I started writing this post I realized that this was actually my 7th Animecon. 
(Oh time, where have you gone?)
My Animecon pretty much started already on Friday as me and my friends had decided to drive to Kuopio already then. I picked up Yumi from Porvoo and then Ninnu joined us at Kouvola.
After our drive to Kuopio and after we got to our cabin at Rauhalahti camping Miama also joined us. 
(O yeah, and we listened to this music by some dude called Robbie Williams, no idea who he is. And we listened to it pretty much for the whole drive from Kouvola to Kuopio!)

© Ninnu
On Saturday I wore my Chocola Meilleure costume again, and after we got to Musiikkikeskus we pretty much went straight away to photoshoot Yumi and then I also took some photos of Jesmo!
I myself had a lot of photos of my Chocola allready so I didn't really need to shoot my costume, but still Yaci was so lovely that she took some new pics of it! And such pretty ones too!! Bubuu ;;__;;
 After that I took some more photos of Yumi, this time inside of Musiikkikeskus and then changed back to normal clothing as I didn't feel like wearing my costume any longer.
(See the photos of Yumi at her blog! It will take a while before I'm posting any here)

© Yaci
© Yaci
© Yaci
© Yaci
I didn't go watch lot's of programs at all, but I did go see the cosplay competition and kääpägaala.
I have to say that yeah, kääpägaala had a good idea and it was fun and interesting when the first contestant was on stage, but after that it was just boring. Some variation would have made it more interesting for me, I guess.
After the competition I went to take some more photos of Jesmo, it was fun to take some photos of her in the lake! Also my need for a reflector is huge, need to buy one asap.

One must take a selfie every occasion that one can, yes?
After the shoot we still wanted to go and see the Animekonsertti.
So we went back to Musiikkikeskus after the photoshoot (and after some delicious funslushies, omnomnom).
I have to say that it was amazing, buuuuut then the videos took away from the music. :( I got all teared up when they started playing "The Legend Comes To Life" but then the video was just. Meh. So no crying happened. :(( But otherwise it was enjoyable experience! I can't wait for the game concert!!!!!!!!

After that we went back to the camping area, went swimming and just had fun times. Yes. :3

Beach selfie!
And then it's already time for our Sunday adventures!
On Sunday it was time to put on my new cosplay, Maki Nishikino from Love Live! School Idol Project!
We had all the girls from μ's! It was super fun to go with the full group and hopefully we'll have another idol group in the future ;) But anyways, we packed our stuff and it was time to say good bye to our cabin! Then we left to Musiikkikeskus!

Maki and Rin! :3
We had made plans to meet up with our group around noon and to go photoshoot then!
Also a lot of selfies happened! I don't know what else to say, but I had really fun photoshooting eventhough the rain ruined our shoot ideas! :(
We have been planning on having a more proper photoshoot sometime, but we'll see..

All dem idols that was part of our group~:
Hozhizora Rin: Ninnu
Ayaze Eri: Nezukuro
Minami Kotori: Chiruka
Yazawa Nico: Eisy
Kousaka Honoka: chesti
Koizumi Hanayo: Rita
Toujou Nozomi: mviolet
Nishikino Maki: yours truly
Sonoda Umi: Tuiksu

© mviolet
All dem idols~! :3
After our photoshoot outside we went inside Musiikkikeskus as we had been asked to join this video (which I haven't seen yet, buu :(( ).. As we were waiting for the guy who wanted to film us we also ended up going to a BALL POOL!! :3

Photo by tursake (@ twitter)
After that we took couple more photos inside and then finally met the guy and shoot our video clip! I'll be adding it here when I see it! 
Then it was already time to say byebye to fellow idols as cosplay performance competition was about to start :(
The cosplay competition was really nice! I enjoyed the performances and I actually guessed the top 3 right! ;) Also the russian girls were really cute!! :3

(Here's some pics from the photoshoot, photographer: Yumi, edits by yours truly if not stated otherwise!
Also more idols pics coming up later on if I ever get my hands on the rest of the pics, haha :D)

Eisy as Nico!
Edit in this pic by Yumi!
Ninnu as Rin and Rita as Hanayo! :3
Before leaving Kuopio we still had one thing to do: a photoshoot with Yoki.
Yumi had plans to shoot with her and actually I was just tagging along but still ended up taking photos.. Hopefully it was okay for me to do that :/

After that it was already time to leave Kuopio and head home!
I was really tired and actually missed our turn twice on the way but we still did get home safely so that's all that matters, right? :3

Also, I did record video footage the whole weekend and made it into a video!
Some of the footage has been recorded by my friends, credits at the end of the video! :3

But in the end I had fun and this vid really sums it all up :3
'Till next time! :3

ps. I'll be posting photos that I've taken at Desucon and Animecon later on! :O I'm just so busybusybusy ;;__;;


  1. Nätti Chocola, tui <3

    Pitäis kyllä nostaa kissa pöydälle ja järkätä se uusintashootti mahdollisimman pian, ennen kuin karkaat opintojen pariin ;-; Niin paljon ideoita jäi toteutumatta... No, onneksi derpin laatu Aconissa korvasi shoottikuvien määrää ainakin allekirjoittaneen osalta. :'D

    Olisiko väärin pyyttää kuvaajakrediitti tuolle yhdelle selfielle? Vaikka taitaakin olla melko ilmeistä kuka sen on ottanut... XD

    1. Hihi, kiitusta<3
      No, jos ei nyt niin tulevaisuudessa se olisi joka tapauksessa erittäin kiva :3 Ja näin oikeastaan taisi käydä aikamonen muunkin kohdalla :DD Liian kivaa oli<3

      Ja tottakai saa pyytää, ajattelin kyllä että tuo käsi menee niin elkeästi kohti ruutua että kuvaajasta ei voi erehtyä, mutta laitetaan siltikin ;)