Friday, February 14, 2014

WIP - Stocking (School Uniform)

(Sorry for the phone quality already, for some reason I took all of the pics with my phone instead of my camera.. whoops?)

When I decided to do this costume I already had these things:
Under skirt
Dark blue cotton fabric

First I bought the white shirt and the fabrics for my socks..
(In the middle photo is the sock fabrics+skirt fabric!) The shoes I have bought about one year ago from flea market and just cut off one extra strap and voilà!

First thing I actually did was cutting the skirt fabric! I also had to buy organza fabric to make into ribbon.. ugh I hated the cutting as I needed about 10 meters of it! Then I sewed the ribbons into their places.. Also I sewed ~19 meters yellow ribbon to it before pleating the skirt and sewing the zipper etc..

Before finishing the skirt I did work on the socks! I just cut it wide enough to go around my thight and then sewed the black and blue pieces together! Then I just pinned the fabric around my leg and got the pattern for the other sock.

Aftet the socks I finished my skirt and made the tie. For that I just made my own pattern out of my mind and sewed it together by hand! :D

Here you have most of the finished pieces~

Last things I made was the "badge" and I put on two yellow buttons to the jacket :3
Oh! I also cut my wigs bangs a little shorter and made the hat thingie!

But that's pretty much all I have to say about Stocking! It was pretty easy to make, but I have to say that I really like my socks♡ I already thought of making the regular gothic lolita outfit of hers just because my socks :33

(I'm so happy that I got to make this post before Frostbite! See you there in just couple of hours! Woop!)

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