Friday, February 21, 2014

Desucon Frostbite 2/3: Dem photos #1

I actually was too exited to wait anymore and I edited my photos right away after the con (but I decided to postpone this post so that the first one could be online a little longer before this one)!

I hadn't planned photoshoots for myself before the con and everytime it was "hey, could you take some photos of me?"
Happily I have awesome friends who took dem photos of me too :3
I really like some of the photos! I edited them using Photoshop CC that I downloaded to my sisters laptop..
Hopefully the colours ain't off as I have no idea when her screen has been calibrated..

Meiko (Vocaloid 2)
Stocking (Panty and Stocking with Garterbelt)
Marie Mjölnir (Soul Eater)

And the lovely photographers:

All edits have been made by yours truly!

Photo © Ninnu
Photo © Ninnu
Photo © Ninnu
Photo © Ninnu
Photo © Ninnu
I really like this one! Too bad the plastic pipe is on the background, buu :(
Photo © Ninnu
Photo © Ninnu
Photo © Ninnu
Photo © Yumi
Photo © Yumi
So fetch! For some reason this is my favourite of the photos Yumi took :3
Photo © Yumi
Photo © Yumi
(Taken and edited by Yumi!)

Photo © mviolet
Photo © mviolet
And that's it of my face!
The last post will be containing photos that I took so stay tuned :3

Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Desucon Frostbite 1/3: The Convention

I decided to make three different posts about Frostbite; first one is about the convention, second one is just full of photos of my face costumes and the last post will be full of photos I took of ppl :D
(I still have to make post about the photoshoots I had with others at Tracon, but maybe after these I'll do that, haha)

I came to Southern Finland already on Wednesday and on Friday I left from my parents place to Lahti a little behind my schedule!
It didn't really matter, after getting myself to Lahti I changed into my costume (I wore my Meiko on Friday) and headed from my friends place to Sibeliustalo!

It was really strange that the convention place was so.. empty that evening, but Fridays have been more quiet anyways so.
I spent my Friday evening hanging out with friends, taking some photos and being photographed!
I also got to see the Green Room -gasp- and had really nice time there.

I did leave Sibeliustalo pretty early.

With Ninnu! :3
On Saturday I wasn't late (well, that much).. I had made plans to photoshoot mviolet really early that morning so when I came to Sibeliustalo we left to photoshoot her costume right away..
Then I went to change fully in my costume (I was missing my wig) and after some time around the con I went outside to photoshoot Ninnu (and her gay lov- I mean friends).. I had also made plans with Yumi that I would be taking photos of the Meridian group and after the shoot with Ninnu it was time to photoshoot them!
After that is was almost time for me and Yumi to go working, but she was so nice and took some really lovely photos of me infront of the magical black wall -gasp-! Thank you
Before the actual photoshoot photos have a picture of me with the lovely Ilona! :3

Photo © Yumi
About me being one of the judges at the Hall Cosplay contest I just have to say that I really enjoyed the experience!
As it was my first time being a judge I was really nervous before it but as the judging started my nervousness went away!
Thank you to Ilona for having me as one of the judges and for the other judges; Yumi, Tikli, Fukka and Yoki! Also thanks to all the contestants! :3

After judging we got to see NCC preliminaries and as always I took some stage photos (those will be seen in the last post with the photoshoot pictures). Then there was the Hall Cosplay contestants and AKB0048 show! That was really good, at least I liked it a lot :3

Then it was time for us to announce the results for Hall Cosplay..

On stage! (I hate my chin, ugh)
Photo © Nyymix
With other judges! From left to right:
Yumi, Yoki, yours truly, Tikli and Fukka!
Photo © Nyymix
The winners of Hall Cosplay contest!
2nd place: Elina Laine, 1st place: Jesmo and 3rd place: Nahvi
Kuva © Nyymix
After us they announced the winners for NCC preliminaries!
And the winner and Finland's third representative is Päivi Asikainen! Congrats!
After seeing her stage show I was so amazed (she was so good as Jack - oh god!) and sure that she is going to win and she did!

After the contests I saw some of my friends and I was soooo hungry. We ended up ordering pizza and after eating we also checked out Café Ichigo as a friend was working there as a maid! Then I changed into casual clothes and enjoyed the evening party!
(Also I missed the panel "From NCC to ECC to WCS – international cosplay competitions and why they're nothing like those at home" even though I had planned on going to listen it..)

With Minna and Anniina!
After waking up on Sunday morning I could already feel the conflu.
Also I slept longer that I had originally planned (or not planned) and missed the Chobits-lecture (or panel? Anyways) I wanted to go to listen ;__; Well, I'll see it later on online (hopefully)!

Then I ended up taking photos of the same Meridian group as Saturday and after that got some pics taken of my Marie!
After the shoots it was already 3 p.m. and I decided it was time for me to leave!

Starting my way home! No eye patch as I had to drive :')
I really liked the convention even though I didn't go to panels/lectures (It wasn't my fault that I was late - or was it). Also the atmosphere was way nicer at this K-18 convention than in the regulars. I have nothing against ppl who are underage (my sister couldn't come to Frostbite due to that that she is still just 17 y-o) but it was really nice that no one was shouting and that there was enough air inside and space to walk! 
Also there wasn't any "Hug Me!" or "Rape Me!" signs and for some reason I really enjoyed that too.
I actually hope that they will keep Frostbite K-18!

But now that's pretty much it about the convention!
If there's something on your mind just leave a comment!
Also if there's any of Hall Cosplay contestants who read this post and are wishing for feedback you can leave a comment with your e-mail or e-mail me at:
senni [dot] kallio [at] gmail [dot] com

See you soon with the photoshoot pictures!

(Ps. My blog has had over 100 readers now for sometime and I have tried to come up with something nice and special to celebrate it, but haven't.. So any ideas are welcome! :3)

Friday, February 14, 2014

WIP - Stocking (School Uniform)

(Sorry for the phone quality already, for some reason I took all of the pics with my phone instead of my camera.. whoops?)

When I decided to do this costume I already had these things:
Under skirt
Dark blue cotton fabric

First I bought the white shirt and the fabrics for my socks..
(In the middle photo is the sock fabrics+skirt fabric!) The shoes I have bought about one year ago from flea market and just cut off one extra strap and voilà!

First thing I actually did was cutting the skirt fabric! I also had to buy organza fabric to make into ribbon.. ugh I hated the cutting as I needed about 10 meters of it! Then I sewed the ribbons into their places.. Also I sewed ~19 meters yellow ribbon to it before pleating the skirt and sewing the zipper etc..

Before finishing the skirt I did work on the socks! I just cut it wide enough to go around my thight and then sewed the black and blue pieces together! Then I just pinned the fabric around my leg and got the pattern for the other sock.

Aftet the socks I finished my skirt and made the tie. For that I just made my own pattern out of my mind and sewed it together by hand! :D

Here you have most of the finished pieces~

Last things I made was the "badge" and I put on two yellow buttons to the jacket :3
Oh! I also cut my wigs bangs a little shorter and made the hat thingie!

But that's pretty much all I have to say about Stocking! It was pretty easy to make, but I have to say that I really like my socks♡ I already thought of making the regular gothic lolita outfit of hers just because my socks :33

(I'm so happy that I got to make this post before Frostbite! See you there in just couple of hours! Woop!)