Thursday, November 21, 2013

Frostbite - Ogata - Oh what to cosplay

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As many of you must have heard, MEGUMI OGATA will be a guest of honor at the Desucon Frostbite 2014 and this news got me wipe away all the plans I already had and bring some new plans to the table!
That is because I'm a big fan of some of the series she's worked for as a voice actress (for example NGE, SM, FMwS, MKR, etc) so I want to show that fan I am by cosplaying from those series!
I'm not even sorry for my old plans (I actually had planned on making Artemisia from Persona 3 but I can always make that costume later on as I don't have the money to buy all the needed worbla atm) as these ladies have had a big part in my hobby and two of them are from one of the first animes that I ever even watched!
But I don't know if I could make all these costumes to Frostbite so I have now a dilemma of choosing one(/two) character(s) that would be my priority out of them. As I plan to start making my costume on my Christmas vacation I have still three weeks before, but I have to choose it/them now so that I can start the material hunt! Also I'm always eager to hear what other people think so I have a question:
Which would you like to see me cosplay/Which of them suits me the best in your opinion?

Your opinion will be very helpful to me if I can't make up my mind according to this ;)

Misato Katsuragi from Neon Genesis Evangelion

I remember when I first started to read Neon Genesis Evangelion manga and oh god I loved the series.
Also there was this one character that caught my eye right at the very moment she was introduced! (Maybe it was the car, maybe the photo she sent for Shinji, I don't know)
Also her background story was something different and brought more depth to the character (drinking beer was always fun fact, but left the character a little hallow, you know).
I don't know but for a long time I actually have thought about cosplaying her in the back of my mind but today I actually started to consider this!

Setsuna Meiou/Sailor Pluto from Sailor Moon

Oh Setsuna.. She's so poised and calm..
I remember how sorry I was when she had to guard the Space-Time Door all alone in the series.. :(
Also she was one of my favourites in the Sailor Moon because she is Sailor Pluto!
I'm born in November so my planet is Pluto (don't give me that Pluto is not a planet thing) and that always made me look closer at her and was one reason why I got a stronger bond to this character..
Oh the nostalgia!
(Also Setsuna is 178cm tall and that is actually my height, haha)

Michiru Kaioh/Sailor Neptune from Sailor Moon

Michiru was another character that I deeply loved in the series!
Why? She played violin, I always wanted to learn to play it and actually got a violin but never learnt to play it (too bad, really) and I loved her bitchy nature! :D At least that's how I remember her beeing like, bitchy, but in a good way ;) Also I saw a lot of me in this character and oh how pretty she was - and I still find her character beautiful :)
(Also the horoscope thing - my element is water so I really liked her :DD Though I didn't like Ami even though her element is also water)

Umi Ryuuzaki from Magic Knight Rayearth

I have talked so much about this character in the past, that I don't know what to say.. I've been meaning to cosplay Umi since 2010 and still haven't cosplayed her.. But she is still on the list and ain't getting off of it anytime soon! With Umi I would like to have the other girls too or a certain someone as Clef (you know who you are) and I really think that I need a pair/group cosplay to cosplay her so it may be that it still ain't time for Umi.. :(

Also there is of course other characters that I would just love to cosplay buuuuuuuut you have to sum up your list into something smaller to choose from, right? :D
At the moment I feel that Setsuna may be the one character that I will start searching for materials at first but I still would like to hear what others think as the other characters are just as nice and so on and on :3

ps. I will go see Hunger Games: Catching Fire tomorrow evening so after that there may be one costume reveal for the future here ;) So stay tuned~

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