Sunday, October 20, 2013

Future Plans: Elsa & Anna

Elsa and Anna from Frozen by Disney

After hearing about this new movie I got really interested in it and kept googling and checking the progress of the movie. I don't know why but this is actually first "new" Disney movie that I really got curious about and after they published the character designs I was sold!
First, I really wanted to cosplay Elsa, after that time went on and I also fell in love with Anna's design.. But after trailer came out and some books I started to like Elsa more as a character.

Let's just be honest that I have completely fallen in love this movie already. Also I'm buying the "Art of Frozen" book as a present to myself. Yes, I have gone mad.

As I thought about cosplaying her I also were thinking that it wouldn't be great to cosplay alone, I needed someone to cosplay Anna with me! I actually thought about asking some of my friends first, but after some time I realised that my own sister would be the best choice to cosplay as Anna.

I told her about my plans and asked if she would like to cosplay as Anna, well she wasn't that eager at first but after seeing photos and the trailer she said yes - and so I was reeeeeeally happy :3 We will actually do 2 costumes, the summer dresses (can you call Elsa's dress a summer dress? She has an effing turtleneck in the middle of the summer!!) and the winter outfits! :3

There is no deadline for these costumes, as we will be doing all the embroidments by sewing those, not painting (we agreed on this as we want to be as authentic as possible) and also some of the materials will be pretty costly *cough cough*

Also, I gotta tell one reason why I am really hyped about these costumes!
It's the fact of their noses! :')
May sound little weird, huh? Actually I have always hated my nose because of reasons and even if it's not long like that (really, who has a nose like that? No one) it has that similar pointy shape :') (I have a picture to prove it, haha)

But yeah, after we agreed to do these I went and made a quick make-up test for Elsa!

In some of the pictures you can see that Elsa has red and violet eye shadow~

Here's the nose thing I was talking about :DD
And as my sister visited me last week we did her a make-up test too!

She had way more natural make-up as Anna really has this natural-thing going on~

After doing these we came to a conclusion that we have to make more freckles (we both actually have natural freckles but they don't show) and also do some little changes~ :3

I'm really hyped about these costumes even though I don't know when or where we will debut these :D Also it's really refreshing to have one project on the background going on little by little :)

I may post about other plans I have like this too, I have actually decided not to make any plans with deadlines for the next year as my studies will be really hectic this year (we are designing men's clothing collection and one for children too! And let's not even talk about the other courses we have :'D) and I don't really know if I'll have time to work on any bigger projects during my school year, summer vacation is totally different then but yeah..

That's all for now, BUT
I may be going to Chibicon (Oulu) next month! But it's still a big MAYBE :')
We'll see what will happen..