Saturday, September 21, 2013

Tracon 8

Wow, it's been already one week since Tracon!
I actually was retouching photos and preparing this post but then something happened and I didn't feel like it anymore.. But now I was finally able to make this so here you go~

My trip to Tampere started already on Friday the 13th! :S
I took a train to Tampere and this time I had my little fella with me!
This was actually my first con trip from up here!

Choco and yours truly~
Our train trip was okay and when I arrived to Tampere I got a ride to my friend's place!
There I spent the evening waiting for others to arrive and so on~

We woke up "early" on Saturday morning and started to get into our costumes pretty soon~
Still we were at Tampere-talo near 12:00 :D

1. photo: Yours truly, Itsumo & Lily
2. photo: Lily & yours truly
We saw some of our friends and decided to photoshoot our costumes~
Also here I could tell you guys a little story why we ended up using our old Magnet-costumes with Lily and why we didn't cosplay Panty and Stocking as planned!
Well, we were a little late with my wig for Stocking, but the seller promised in his description to ship the wig 1 day after receiving the payment.. So we paid for it right away and also sent a message hoping for a fast shipping!
It took one week for that person to reply to our message and that was the last drop for me!
I was sure that we wouldn't get it in time for Tracon so we changed our plans with Lily.. Also I didn't continue with our costumes because of this and only concentrated to my studies and other stuff..
Well guess what I received just couple of days before Tracon? 
But I knew that there's no point starting to work with the costumes anymore (didn't want the stress, really) so we still sticked to our plan B.. Happily we will cosplay P&S in the future but there's no specific con decided yet ;)

But yeah, here's some photoshoot pics~
Photograph© hanskuinen
Retouch made by yours truly

After our photoshoot we changed to normal clothing and spent the rest of the convention day looking like that~

I had planned to see lectures but as always my plan to go see those failed :D
Instead I got to hangout with lot's of awesome people and to photoshoot with some of them~
I'll add another post about those photoshoots ;) But you can already see some photos at their blogs!
Ps. I had the best time photographing you guys, so thank you for asking me to be your photographer!!

I actually went to see the cosplay competitions on Saturday!
I was really happy to see that there was so many competitors in the WCS preliminaries and how the level of cosplay is so high! Here's just couple of photos I took..

WCS preliminaries - She's actually one of the winner and part of the WCS Team Finland 2014, Hootti! 

All the contestants that took part in the pro series!
And here's the winners of the pro series! Congrats to you all!
From left to right:
2nd place Jesmo, 1st place Yumi and 3rd place Hansku!
I actually have some photos of our WCS Team Finland 2014, but as they cried a lot I don't feel like publishing any of those (you would thank me if you saw the photos :DD) But congrats to you and have a nice time in Japan!!
After the competitions it was time for me and Lily to head back to our friends apartment!

Sunday was really laid back day for me!
I can't remember the last time that I didn't put much make-up on or wear a wig at a convention :D
This time I was actually prepared for my night train that I would take!

When we got to Tampere-talo we just hanged with some friends and I waited for another photoshoot with the same people as the day before!
After the photoshoot I just waited for the clock to hit 2.30pm which was my cue to leave the con!

Why is that?
I actually got to assistant at one photoshoot that evening that would take my time from 15:00 to 21:00!
And it was with these guys!

Yours truly is nicely photobombing while drinking from a bottle :D
Also stole this photo from her!
But yeah, that was pretty much how my Tracon went!
Next con that I will attend may be one Chibicon that is held at Oulu.. But I haven't decided yet if I'll go or not ;) We'll see~

Ps. Had really lovely time sleeping in the train that night = almost didn't sleep at all and my train was at Rovaniemi around 8:00.. And my lecture at my university started around 9:00 :D fun times, but next time I'll be a lot more wiser and not to come by night train!