Wednesday, August 28, 2013

WIP - Panty #01

I haven't blogged about my plans for Tracon in any way and I decided to make a little change in that!
So this is my first blog post about mine and Lily's Tracon costumes! 

Some may remember my post about what I will cosplay this summer (yeah, and I have cosplayed just one out of them all, yay!), one of my plans was Stocking from Panty and Stocking with Garterbelt!
And as I'm Stocking Lily will cosplay Panty~
I haven't really even started making my own cosplay and have only been working with Panty :')

There's some photos of the actual character for those who doesn't know who I'm talking about :3
Lily came over one weekend and we got her costume into pretty good shape..

But after our weekend together it was time for me to work some more with it..
I tried to paint all those grey parts into gold.. First of all I run out of paint in the middle of it..

And secondly the paint is crappy and won't hold.. I should have used some kind of primer before painting them but stupid me was stupid. Anyways we continued with the skirt yesterday!

So this costume is in pretty good shape, I just have to make all those golden parts again out of gold fabric! No, I'm not happy about that but it won't take long to make those as I have already made patterns for everything!

But now I'll try to enjoy my last days here in the Southern Finland before I go back to Lapland! So more wip material will be posted here next week~

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