Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Animecon X

Woow, time for my Animecon post~
I was gambling between Animecon and Närcon for some days but in the end I decided to stay in Finland and only go to Animecon (I would love to go to Närcon but no money no honey or something like that ;;__;;)..

Our journay to Kuopio started on Friday afternoon with some awesome people!
Our crew was smaller than last time, but it didn't slow us down!
If you follow me on twitter you may have seen some pics from our road trip!

But yeah, we were at Kuopio around 8 p.m and after dropping Yumi off we left to our rented cottage with Ninnu! This is what it looked like~

On Saturday we left to the convention area around 11 a.m. and this time I enjoyed my time in my Giselle costume (yes, my plans changed from the original, surprising, eh?) and I wore it 'till 6 p.m. or so.. I took lot's of photos of my friends costumes and as I already had more than plenty photos of Giselle we just took couple of photos of me :)

Otherwise we were pretty much hanging around and talking with friends, we went to see Cosplay competition but it was such a let down! The only thing I enjoyed was the show the host gave (especially the ending part).. There was pretty costumes that was in the competition, but because it was such a blur (contestant came to the stage, posed and left) I felt really puzzled.. Also the way the tickets to the competition was given to people was really something different.. Sorry, but it wasn't fun to be in a line for those tickets and after 30 mins hearing that no, you still have to wait one hour for the tickets :D Because I was sure someone also said that you could get the tickets to the competition, not just the Animekonsertti, but anyways..

Awesome people made this day awesome, here's some photos~

Awesome derping people, you guys rock! :D
With Teme! We both copslayed from Disney movies and for that reason took some crossover photos, see those later on in this post~
Behind the scenes of our photoshoot with Yumi, Ninnu was our wind machine, thank you~ <3 td="">
After the long day at the convention we left to our cabin! We cahnged into casual clothing and went to spend the evening with some friends who were staying in another cabin! We were just having fun and our evening ended after we went to swim! The water was really cold but after a while it got "warmer"!

My look that evening!
Here's the results of our photoshoot~
(I'll post the photos that I took later on, like I did with the photos I took at Desucon!)

Photographer: Ninnu
Retouch: yours truly

There was another Giselle too and we took some photos together, here's the best one in my opinion!
As the other Giselle: Nicara! :3
And our crossover shots with Teme! Can you tell the story these photos tell? ;D Even other Disney characters know about the nose-thing! ;D
Sunday morning we left our cabin after changing into our costumes and packing my car, we were at the convention area pretty late that morning.. But it didn't really matter as the only thing we went to watch was cosplay performance competition.. Again my day was full of photoshooting and having fun with people! :)

And the costume I ended up wearing was Jessica Hamby from True Blood (Merlotte's uniform)! I wanted to take one old costume with me but as most of my stuff is at Rovaniemi this was the only one I could take with me.. But I had to redo that shirt (just bought new white t-shirt, printed the logo out and ironed it on!)

I enjoyed the performance competition, but as a former athlete (synchronized skating) I'm really (I mean _really_) pedantic when it comes to unison.. That's like rule number one to make a good performance that includes dance steps the people on stage have to make at the same time so I didn't really enjoy those as much as more theatrical ones :D But I guessed the top three right! wuutwuut!
One thing that I didn't like was the lines before the performance, there was these really long lines again and we were at the wrong line because there was no one to tell us where is the right line, well, after a while someone in the line told us it was the wrong line..
Also the fact that the host had to impro after the judges went to make their judging..
Happily the host was great and laughed so much, but maybe next time someone could tell the host that they have this gap to fill with something and they can think about it beforehand? :D
But yeah, I enjoyed it anyways!

During our photoshoot Ninnu really wanted to make us some wind again! :D
Yeaaaahh..... I don't know what's going on but we had some fun!! :'DD
And one doggie wanted to say hi to Yumi while we were having our photoshoot by the lake! :)
But after the performance competition it was time for us to head home! First we went to eat some amazing pizza and then our 5 long drive to home started! Again, if you follow my twitter you may have seen some photos of the adventures of Lilli the panda! We had so many laughs thanks to that little sunshine! :3

But here's some photos of my Jessica :)
Photographer: Ninnu
Retouch: yours truly~
I had to make all of them dark as Jessica is a vampire and in sunlight she will burn :D
So I tried my best to give night time like vibe for these photos :)

But yeah, I had awesome time at Animecon and now I can't wait to start with my new cosplay projects! :3
There's gonna be wip posts after I get something really done for Tracon! :)

So, 'till next time! :3


  1. Yay kivaa kun postasit meidän yhteisen kuvan!! Katsoin itse vähän aikaa sitten noita mitä oli omassa kamerassani ja niistä kyllä tuli tosi nättejä :) Kiitos kun sain ottaa kuvia sun kanssa ^^ Hyviä muutkin kuvasi! Oi toi mökki näyttää niin kotoisalta, mistä te tollaisen majoituksen keksitte?? :) Pitäis varmaan itsekin kokeilla vaihtoehtona hotellille!


    1. Me oltiin vuosi sitten myös Animeconin aikaan mökkeilemässä kavereiden kanssa, että tänä vuonna ajatus sai jatkoa sieltä :D En nyt tarkalleen muista mistä alkuperäinen ajatus tuli.. Taisi olla että haluttiin vaihtoehtoinen majoitus hotellille/lattiamajoitukselle joka olisi kuitenkin halpa.. Ja sitten jostain pomppasi tämä mökkeily esille! :)