Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Noah's Ark Circus - Beast

As I have told you couple of times, we had our Noah's Ark Circus-group on Sunday :3
I cosplayed as Beast and I did redo some parts of the costume.. Also I ended up buying new wig for her as I didn't have any time to make the old one look good again (here's what it looked like..)..
Also I styled our Wendy's wig again as it was in REALLY bad shape! It's been in my sisters drawer for these 2 years and looked like that too :D Happily I didn't have to do so much for these costumes anyways..

I don't have that much to say about this costume now, but being in this costume and knowing that I'll be wearing a costume with same problems at Tracon this made me think about stuff and I may write a blog post around that subject, but what it will be about you'll see after I have written it! :) But I guess some might guess what that will be about..

Our photographer was Ane-ue,
all edits have been made by yours truly,
Joker - hanskuinen
Beast - yours truly
Doll - Lily
Wendy - ElyonToWendy
Peter - Ninnu

And after our photoshoot our group ended up on two music videos!
First one has been filmed and done by the lovely Izumiro and you can spot our group around 2:25 :3
Second video has been filmed and done by Mae Angela and you can spot our group around 1:09 :3


  1. Oih, olitte niin ihanan värikäs ryhmä! <3

  2. Ekassa kuvassa heti: Kuka ei kuulu joukkoon vammaavien käsien kanssa :D
    Ja vikas kuvas oikee näkee kui toi vammasen jalan nauha oikee syöpyy ihoon :D

    JA TISSIT :)

    1. Noh, kuten sanottua niin ei voi mitään, paras kuva on paras kuva :'D
      Katsoin niistä kyllä aina semmoset joissa kaikilla ois perus-hyvät asennot sun muuta :D

      ja nyt.

  3. Doll needs to wear your dollshoes ^^