Tuesday, June 18, 2013


Time for my first costume post!
I wore my Giselle at Saturday and we had a photoshoot at Pikku Vesijärvi with Lily and ElyonToWendy..
We also had two cameras and wow - I got lots of footage of my Giselle! So happy!

But before we go to the photos here's some wip-material I recorded!
I wanted to make a different kind of wip post this time and not just add some photos.. Video is so much more better, yes?

I finished my Giselle pretty early and was happy that I still had time to do some parts again for my Beast.
I must say that that dress did give me a little headache..
In the movie the dress goes according to Giselle's shape and when she spins there's this BIG hem.. So I made a dress that has more volyme at the hem just so that it would have the same effect while you spin around as she has in the movie.. Sleeves, belt and flowers were easy to do and I'm happy that I chose to make this version of Giselle first :3
And yes, I think I said first - I will make her curtain-dress sometime, hopefully for next year~ :3

But to the photos~
Photographers are Lily and ElyonToWendy
Edits by yours truly~
(I may have been a little too playful with those but oh well.. :D The movie is called enchanted so being playful can't be bad? :') )

Next I will be posting photos of our Circus-group, so stay tuned :3