Monday, June 17, 2013


Fun weekend was fun and what made it really fun was Desucon! :3
I haven't been to a convention since my visit at Närcon 2012 and I was really excited to get to meet my friends and so on~ There's going to be few posts here, because I decided that I'll make separate posts for my costumes and photoshoots with others and just keep this post as a simple (and little derpy) convention raport! Yay!

This Desucon was my 4th one but it was really something different..
What made it different was the things I went to see! I have never been to Avajaiset (Opening) or to Päättäjäiset (Ending).. Also it was my first convention of the year and my 20th convention overall!


But yeah, it was awesome to finally see the opening of the convention..
They had one surprise guest; Aki Hata who has made Desucon it's own theme song! And she was there to perform it too!

Aki Hata performing Desucon's theme song with C!C
I didn't cosplay on Friday, so I was just in casual clothing and took some photos of Lily and ElyonToWendy!

Taking photos of Lily and just some random photo of how I looked on Friday :D
Friday was short day and I just talked with people and had fun.. I also got polaroid photo with Cruise Aneki & Frosti-chan but I left that at Ninnu's :(
We left pretty early from the convention place..


On Saturday morning we left really early to the convention place so that we could get nice seats to the ECC-preliminaries and Hall Cosplay competition! And we got them from the third row, and those were pretty neat seats I must say!

After getting the tickets we went to a near park to have photoshoots with Lily and ElyonToWendy, we had two cameras and when we photographed one then two was taking the photos so we got a lot of material! And our photoshoot was long, about 1,5 hours!

Me behind the camera and I don't even know what's going on in the other photo, maybe Lily was checking my wig and flower petals or something?? :D
After our photoshoot we went back to Sibeliustalo and after some time we got tired of wearing our costumes with Lily so we changed to more casual clothing and spent time talking and having fun!

At 4 pm it was time for cosplay competitions!
I took photos of each contestant and will publish some of those at my photography blog later on but I will also notice you here and if you were a contestant and wish to have some photos of yourself on stage please leave a comment or e-mail me and I'll send those photos to you!

Here's couple of those shots~

All of the contestants were amazing and I enjoyed the performances a lot!
Especially loved Pumpkin's Jack Sparrow costume and that performance!

The winner was Hiron with her cosplay Amir Halgal from Otoyomegatari!

That costume is really breathtaking! I hear that all the embroidery have been made by hand! 

Contestants who came 3rd, 1st and 2nd (from left to right in that order)
After ECC there was Hall Cosplay contest!
There was pretty neat costumes in that competition too!

2nd, 1st and 3rd in their photo
After ECC and Hall Cosplay I went to have a photoshoot with the lovely mviolet but again we left to Ninnu's pretty early and didn't go to the after party..
We were tired and I still had to work with the wig for Beast..

Loving my hair after wearing wigs all day!

On Sunday we were meant to go to Sibeliustalo really early but in the end we were there around 11 am..
That meant that we had to go photoshooting with our Noah's Ark Circus-group straight away!

This time we had a photographer with us so I didn't take any photos of our group and got to assist and/or derp while waiting for my turn!

Helping our Flying Blanco with their poses and derping with our Joker!
After our photoshoot I got to be behind the camera and take some photos of two Legend of Korra cosplayers and after that I went to change back to casual clothing and checked out the artist alley and went to see Päättäjäiset (Ending stuff).. They gave prizes to winners of different contests and so on..

Announcing winners of the performance contest
Performance contest winners, the one who came 1st is in the middle.
After that it was time to say bye-bye to my friends and drive to home ;;__;;

I can't wait for the next convention!
But in the next posts you'll get to see more photos of my Giselle and Beast, so stay tuned ;D


  1. Olisi ihanaa jos voisit laittaa miun Jubeista kuvia (eli katanaunelma+missä housut puvusta:D) Eli tänne:

    1. Laittelin tuossa äsken kuvat tulemaan kahdessa eri setissä, toivottavasti tuliat perille :3

  2. Meitsille voi kanssa laittaa kuvaa. Hahmo lienee selvä. :)

    Ja kiva, että tykkäsit!

    1. Laittelin kuvat tulemaan :3
      Ja todellakin tykkäilin, aiemminkin olet ollut niin kovin hieno Jack, että huhhuh ja nyt tuo esityskin kruunasi koko kokonaisuuden! Olisin hullu jos en olisi tykännyt :D

  3. minäkin kuvia pyytelisin Alisa cossistani, eli pinkki/lila+ valkoiset moottorisahat ja "siivet" puku :D

    1. Sinullekkin on saatu kuvat matkaan~ :3

  4. Minullekin kelpaisivat kuvat omasta asustani.. ECC-karsintojen viimeinen osallistuja, se lattialle kahdesti esityksessä heittäytynyt.. : D hahmon nimenä Reina ja sähköpostiin jos sopii?

    1. Ofc~ Sinulle onkin jo laitettuna kuvat tulemaan :3