Friday, April 12, 2013

Plans for summer and some progress!

It's really been too long, actually I really wanted to do a vlog about my plans and progress, but I haven't had the time so I just made my decision to write about those things!

So, without further blabbering let's get into business!

So, my plans for Desucon can be seen there!
Beast is an old costume back from 2011, this time we finally have our Noah's Ark Circus-group!! (btw, if you are interested in joining, these characters are still available: Smile, Black, Suit, Dagger, Snake and Jumbo) Can't wait! I'm going to redo some parts of this costume, but basically there's not much for me to do :) Also Giselle and Thumbelina are both characters that I had planned on cosplaying last year, now I'm going to finish both of those! I haven't made any progress with Giselle yet (it's almost ready anyways), but for Thumbelina I made those white flowers she has in her hair :)

for Thumbelina :)

Two otome game characters for one convention! Don't know if that is a good or a bad thing! :')
But yeah, Rapunzel is an old plan from 2011 and this time I'm actually going to finish making this costume!
Also Ninnu will be cosplaying Henrietta Grimm (the heroine) from the same game~ :3 (And hopefully we'll get others to cosplay from this game too!)
I have worked with Rapunzels necklace and have now finished it!
Also I found a new way to paint jewelry! Maybe others have used this already but for me it was a new experience! And that is nail polish!
I really wanted to give those wooden pearls and that gem at front more jewel/expensive look so I got an idea to try using my blue nail polish with these and I think that the result is really good!
I'm so going to use it again with other jewelry! (That is if I get to work with jewelry again, haha :D)

In progress~
Finished necklace for Rapunzel!
Also, I have a wig for Mine (yet to be styled!) and I bought this lovely white fox tail :3
Going to dye it light violet for my cosplay~

It's so nice :3

Stocking has also been on my to-cosplay list for quite awhile!
This year I'm finally going to do this costume! Because I've been so hyped of this costume I have already started making her shoes, as I came across great shoes that could be modified for this purpose! Still need to add an ankle strap and then I can get to paint these! :3
Nell is actually only one that I haven't worked with yet.. And this made me realize that I've actually started working with almost all of my costumes for the summer :O OMG, this is unheard of! Maybe I'll be ready in time for all the conventions then, yes?
These are both pair cosplays, as Stocking I'll have Panty with me and when I'm Nell I'll have Iris with me! Both characters will be cosplayed by Lily! You'll get to see progress photos for those costumes too as I will be the one making them :')

From what I started with to the point I'm at now!
Had to try them on too :)
I won't be making any big parts for any costume before my summer vacation starts as I'm way too busy with my studies now.. But for some reason I'm just so full of energy to make costumes so I guess you'll get small updates every now and then <3 div="">

By the way do you have your summer plans already made up? :D I think that I actually have planned all the way to 2014 already (not officially, but there's just so many costumes I want to do!!).. I'm really exited to get to cosplay again, last time I cosplayed was in July at Närcon and that was so long time ago, gosh .___. 


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  2. Oih, suurta rakkautta Gisellelle ja Atelier Iris-valinnalle! <3 Innolla odotan! :3

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