Friday, March 22, 2013

I got challenged

So, I was challenged by Keikisalai to do this challenge, where you have to tell 11 things about yourself, answer to 11 questions and also make 11 new questions and challenge 11 other blogger with less than 200 readers to do this too!!

This was in Finnish, so I'll keep the rules etc as they have been like, but I will translate those to English! :)
So here we go~

Haaste / Challenge
Säännöt / Rules
1. Kerro 11 asiaa itsestäsi / Tell 11 things about yourself
2. Vastaa haastajan 11 kysymykseen / Answer to 11 questions by the person who challenged you
3. Keksi 11 uutta kysymystä / Make 11 new questions
4. Haasta 11 muuta bloggaajaa joilla on alle 200 lukijaa / Challenge 11 new bloggers with less than 200 readers
5. Kerro kenet haastoit / Tell who you challenged

11 Things about me

1. I'm 1st year clothing design student at the University of Lapland
2. I'm really busy with assingments at the moment
3. But I'm actually pretty happy with my life, even if it is pretty hectic
4. I want to be better at what I do
5. I would like to see the world, you know, travel and see more
6. I'm actually designing my first clothing collection at school atm, wuupwuup!
7. I've really grown as a person a lot this past year
8.  I dream really big
9. And hopefully someday I'll be able to reach my dreams
10. And I really like to read books
11. But sadly I don't have that much time to do so

Questions that I have to answer to

1. Syötkö ikinä outoja ruokayhdistelmiä, kuten pehmistä ranskalaisilla, eikä kukaan tunnu uskovan sen olevan hyvää? / Do you ever eat weird food combinations, like soft ice cream with french-fries, and it seems like no one can believe it could actually taste really good?
- Well.. I don't think that I have any weird food habits.. I actually eat pretty normally, but then there's food I hate and people are always wondering how I can hate this and that food.. :O

2. Tai mietitkö outoja ja paradoksaalisia asioita, kuten miksi kaiken sanotaan aina maistuvan ihan kanalle, mutta kana puolestaan ei maistu kaikelle? / Or do you ever wonder about weird and paradoxical things, like why it's been said that everything tastes like chicken but chicken itself don't taste like everything?
- Well, sometimes.. But very rarely.. It happens when I have too much time or someone says something that you can start thinking about more and you are in the mood for doing so.. I guess.. After I got to uni there has been way too many moments like these :D

3. Mikä on puku/asu/vaate, jonka haluat joskus toteuttaa ja ehkä aiotkin, mutta se vaan tuntuu liian ultimaattiselta vielä tähän hetkeen? / What costume/garment you would like to make and maybe even will do but at the moment still feels too ultimate to do? 
- Well, in cosplay world I have couple ultimate dream costumes (keeping those as a secret, sorry!) and in "real world" I actually would like to and probably will do the clothes from my collection so that we can have a fashion show with a friend from school!

4. Mikä on lempiväri ja syy, miksi uskot pitäväsi juuri siitä väristä? / What is your favourite colour and why do you think is the reason you like that colour?
- I'm not sure if I have a favourite color at the very moment, but I have always found blue (and different shades of it) to my liking.. I guess it's just the calming effect of it (and the fact that it looks nice with my brown hair)..

5. Voisitko matkustaa outoon maahan ja syödä siellä kaikkia paikallisia ruokia, kuten meduusoja? / Could you travel to a weird country and eat local food there, like jellyfish?
- I like to try new foods and I actually think that if I went to a trip like that I would try the local food! :)

6. Onko allergioita tai muita deadly-flaw:eja, jotka vaivaavat elämääsi? / Do you have any allergies or other deadly-flaws that bothers your life?
- NOPE, I'm actually really lucky not to have any allergies or other deadly-flaws..

7. Missä ja miten haluaisit viettää elämäsi mummo-pappa vuodet? / Where and how would you like to spend your retirement years?
- Well.. I don't know.. I want to be doing this that I like and to spend time with possible grandchild, I guess..

8. Miten on elämäsi sokerikulutuksen laita? / How much do you use sugar?
- Well.. Way too much, I guess? I try not to eat candy (but for some reason I've been eating some candy lately), but I don't count chocolate in that.. Also I don't like to drink sodas either.. Just every now and then.. But still I eat too much stuff with way too much sugar, yuck

9. Luetko paljon ja mitä? / Do you read a lot and what?
- Yup, books.. Or novels, as you should put it.. I enjoy fantasy with some romance :D I just find itreally nice.. But I also read stuff about spies and heists :D And most of them are YA books :)

10. Tuntuuko sinusta ikinä, että et nyt ihan ymmärrä mikä ihmisiä kiinnostaa massakulttuurissa, oli kyseessä sitten esimerkiksi pukeutuminen tai TV-ohjelman seuraaminen, vai oletko yksi massan seuraajista? / Do you ever get the feeling that you don't know why people are so interested in popular culture or are you one of those who follows popular culture?
- I believ that we all do this. We all follow popular culture, if we aren't conscious about it we do it unconsciously even if we like it or not..

11. Mitä sellaista tulet tekemään elämässäsi, jota ihmiset muistelevat vielä vuosien päästä? / What will you do in your life that will make people recall it even after many years?
- Well.. Hopefully something, but what that actually is, I don't have any idea! :D
But I really hope it's for something good I've done :3

Well.. I actually don't feel like making new questions and challenging anyone into this, because I don't know if those people that I would like to challenge have done this or want to do it..
And also I found these questions that I answered to really interesting,
so if you feel like doing this, answer to the same questions as I!

Other stuff: I'm really busy with uni, as I already said, so I'm not sure how much I can do cosplay stuff right now.. So my blog will be staying pretty quiet for sometime now :(
Hopefully I'll get out of this maddness soon and to my summer vacation x__x
Then I will have lots and lots of time for cosplay <3 p="">