Sunday, February 24, 2013

What I've been up to lately

So, as my blog has been on hiatus I decided to write something about what I've been doing lately!
Last week has been really something different, I've been going around Rovaniemi and attending to different events because: It's been Rovaniemi Design Week last week! YAY!

For me the biggest events were The Hanji Fashion Show and Lumotion Design Show!

"Hanji lasts for a thousand years and silk lasts for five hundred years."
Last Friday I had one of the most unique experiences! I went to see The Hanji Fashion Show that has been traveling through the world and this show was actually it's first here in Finland! All the clothes has been made out of Hanji, Korean paper!
I took some photos and recorded some video too, so I made one small vid out of my footage, sadly when I was saving it my program decided to remove some clips, I tried to fix it but with no luck :/
So try to enjoy it anyways?

And yesterday was the Lumotion Design Show!
I was working there, but I decided to take some video backstage to share the feeling we had there! :)
I learned a lot and had another unique experience! Next year my class will organize the same event, hopefully it'll be just as amazing (and better) than this one!

So what did I do? I helped some models change their clothes during the show and gave models blankets so that they would be warm (it was an outdoor show) :)
Also I got to see the second show from the audience!

I just wanted to share these vids with you guys :)
And I promise that next time I update my blog it will be very cosplay related!

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