Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Poll results

My poll has ended and the results can be seen in the photo above!
It's really nice to see that so many took part in my poll :3

So, as you have seen, the winner was Belle from Beauty and the Beast, with this lovely outfit:

And I will be going to Tallinn with Lily next Monday to buy fabrics for this and my other costume that I'm making to Desucon Frostbite, and because of that I watched the movie again (Beauty and the Beast) and this time I took some screencaps for references.. And there's 3 different pink fabrics that I have to buy D: Well, hopefully I can find fabrics that go straight away like that but if not I guess I have to start dyeing fabrics.. I'm not wishing to do that, but if I have to I can't help it..
Also I'll be getting a wig and contacts for this cosplay after getting the fabrics :3

Hopefully I'll have time to make her outfit, because my other costume is actually my priority b/c I have a group coming up with Team Elric and I really want to finish that first.. :)

But more about my costumes after my trip to Tallinn, so see ya soon~ :3


  1. Pink Gymshoes would fit fine with that costume! :)

    1. Well, not really, as there is so much snow and gymshoes ain't really for walking in snow :'D Maybe if it was summer or something.. But it's not :)

  2. Okay. Next try in summer then. :D