Monday, December 30, 2013

My 2013 & Happy New Year!

Once again it's time to look back at what you've done and then look to the upcoming events and so on.
I've got to say that I'm kinda disappointed in myself, but I guess it was good not to make that many new costumes!

(I'm using the Cosplay Meme as a base for this, but I also use the one I made last year as a base.. And I changed some things, haha)

Conventions that you went to?
Click the logo to go see my post about that convention! :3

Who have you cosplayed this year?

Giselle (Enchanted), Beast (Kuroshitsuji), Jessica Hamby (True Blood) & Megurine Luka (Vocaloid 2)
Which is the prettiest in your opinion?

I must say that Giselle was prettiest! Luka was pretty too, though not just as pretty :3

Most comfortable to wear?

Jessica! Though you might think that Giselle was comfortable to wear too but I disagree D: Because I hate strapless bra so that made it uncomfortable to me (otherwise it was comfortable though) :D

Any new videos? Videos where you were in?

New videos:

Videos where I was in:
(You can spot me as Beast in both of the videos)

Any stage experience?

No! D: But there's always next year ;)

Let's see some group pics with your friends!
Sorry for the derp-flood! NO, I'M NOT EVEN SORRY BUAHAHAH 

Plans for future?
Oh gosh, I have so many plans(/costumes I want to do) that I just can't handle it but let's show you some, yes?

Setsuna to Frostbite, Elsa to Desucon and Black Lady to ???
I also have other plans and costumes in the process, but I'll write about those when it's the right time :)
ps. What's with the Sailor Moon, huh? D:

So, that was my 2013 and then there's a small glimpse to what my 2014 might look like! Hopefully 2014 will be fun to all! :3

Though a little early, haha :D

Thursday, November 21, 2013

Frostbite - Ogata - Oh what to cosplay

(I'm sorry if you can't read the text easily, I'll be fixing the background&text later on so try to bare it for now :S)

As many of you must have heard, MEGUMI OGATA will be a guest of honor at the Desucon Frostbite 2014 and this news got me wipe away all the plans I already had and bring some new plans to the table!
That is because I'm a big fan of some of the series she's worked for as a voice actress (for example NGE, SM, FMwS, MKR, etc) so I want to show that fan I am by cosplaying from those series!
I'm not even sorry for my old plans (I actually had planned on making Artemisia from Persona 3 but I can always make that costume later on as I don't have the money to buy all the needed worbla atm) as these ladies have had a big part in my hobby and two of them are from one of the first animes that I ever even watched!
But I don't know if I could make all these costumes to Frostbite so I have now a dilemma of choosing one(/two) character(s) that would be my priority out of them. As I plan to start making my costume on my Christmas vacation I have still three weeks before, but I have to choose it/them now so that I can start the material hunt! Also I'm always eager to hear what other people think so I have a question:
Which would you like to see me cosplay/Which of them suits me the best in your opinion?

Your opinion will be very helpful to me if I can't make up my mind according to this ;)

Misato Katsuragi from Neon Genesis Evangelion

I remember when I first started to read Neon Genesis Evangelion manga and oh god I loved the series.
Also there was this one character that caught my eye right at the very moment she was introduced! (Maybe it was the car, maybe the photo she sent for Shinji, I don't know)
Also her background story was something different and brought more depth to the character (drinking beer was always fun fact, but left the character a little hallow, you know).
I don't know but for a long time I actually have thought about cosplaying her in the back of my mind but today I actually started to consider this!

Setsuna Meiou/Sailor Pluto from Sailor Moon

Oh Setsuna.. She's so poised and calm..
I remember how sorry I was when she had to guard the Space-Time Door all alone in the series.. :(
Also she was one of my favourites in the Sailor Moon because she is Sailor Pluto!
I'm born in November so my planet is Pluto (don't give me that Pluto is not a planet thing) and that always made me look closer at her and was one reason why I got a stronger bond to this character..
Oh the nostalgia!
(Also Setsuna is 178cm tall and that is actually my height, haha)

Michiru Kaioh/Sailor Neptune from Sailor Moon

Michiru was another character that I deeply loved in the series!
Why? She played violin, I always wanted to learn to play it and actually got a violin but never learnt to play it (too bad, really) and I loved her bitchy nature! :D At least that's how I remember her beeing like, bitchy, but in a good way ;) Also I saw a lot of me in this character and oh how pretty she was - and I still find her character beautiful :)
(Also the horoscope thing - my element is water so I really liked her :DD Though I didn't like Ami even though her element is also water)

Umi Ryuuzaki from Magic Knight Rayearth

I have talked so much about this character in the past, that I don't know what to say.. I've been meaning to cosplay Umi since 2010 and still haven't cosplayed her.. But she is still on the list and ain't getting off of it anytime soon! With Umi I would like to have the other girls too or a certain someone as Clef (you know who you are) and I really think that I need a pair/group cosplay to cosplay her so it may be that it still ain't time for Umi.. :(

Also there is of course other characters that I would just love to cosplay buuuuuuuut you have to sum up your list into something smaller to choose from, right? :D
At the moment I feel that Setsuna may be the one character that I will start searching for materials at first but I still would like to hear what others think as the other characters are just as nice and so on and on :3

ps. I will go see Hunger Games: Catching Fire tomorrow evening so after that there may be one costume reveal for the future here ;) So stay tuned~

Sunday, October 20, 2013

Future Plans: Elsa & Anna

Elsa and Anna from Frozen by Disney

After hearing about this new movie I got really interested in it and kept googling and checking the progress of the movie. I don't know why but this is actually first "new" Disney movie that I really got curious about and after they published the character designs I was sold!
First, I really wanted to cosplay Elsa, after that time went on and I also fell in love with Anna's design.. But after trailer came out and some books I started to like Elsa more as a character.

Let's just be honest that I have completely fallen in love this movie already. Also I'm buying the "Art of Frozen" book as a present to myself. Yes, I have gone mad.

As I thought about cosplaying her I also were thinking that it wouldn't be great to cosplay alone, I needed someone to cosplay Anna with me! I actually thought about asking some of my friends first, but after some time I realised that my own sister would be the best choice to cosplay as Anna.

I told her about my plans and asked if she would like to cosplay as Anna, well she wasn't that eager at first but after seeing photos and the trailer she said yes - and so I was reeeeeeally happy :3 We will actually do 2 costumes, the summer dresses (can you call Elsa's dress a summer dress? She has an effing turtleneck in the middle of the summer!!) and the winter outfits! :3

There is no deadline for these costumes, as we will be doing all the embroidments by sewing those, not painting (we agreed on this as we want to be as authentic as possible) and also some of the materials will be pretty costly *cough cough*

Also, I gotta tell one reason why I am really hyped about these costumes!
It's the fact of their noses! :')
May sound little weird, huh? Actually I have always hated my nose because of reasons and even if it's not long like that (really, who has a nose like that? No one) it has that similar pointy shape :') (I have a picture to prove it, haha)

But yeah, after we agreed to do these I went and made a quick make-up test for Elsa!

In some of the pictures you can see that Elsa has red and violet eye shadow~

Here's the nose thing I was talking about :DD
And as my sister visited me last week we did her a make-up test too!

She had way more natural make-up as Anna really has this natural-thing going on~

After doing these we came to a conclusion that we have to make more freckles (we both actually have natural freckles but they don't show) and also do some little changes~ :3

I'm really hyped about these costumes even though I don't know when or where we will debut these :D Also it's really refreshing to have one project on the background going on little by little :)

I may post about other plans I have like this too, I have actually decided not to make any plans with deadlines for the next year as my studies will be really hectic this year (we are designing men's clothing collection and one for children too! And let's not even talk about the other courses we have :'D) and I don't really know if I'll have time to work on any bigger projects during my school year, summer vacation is totally different then but yeah..

That's all for now, BUT
I may be going to Chibicon (Oulu) next month! But it's still a big MAYBE :')
We'll see what will happen..

Saturday, September 21, 2013

Tracon 8

Wow, it's been already one week since Tracon!
I actually was retouching photos and preparing this post but then something happened and I didn't feel like it anymore.. But now I was finally able to make this so here you go~

My trip to Tampere started already on Friday the 13th! :S
I took a train to Tampere and this time I had my little fella with me!
This was actually my first con trip from up here!

Choco and yours truly~
Our train trip was okay and when I arrived to Tampere I got a ride to my friend's place!
There I spent the evening waiting for others to arrive and so on~

We woke up "early" on Saturday morning and started to get into our costumes pretty soon~
Still we were at Tampere-talo near 12:00 :D

1. photo: Yours truly, Itsumo & Lily
2. photo: Lily & yours truly
We saw some of our friends and decided to photoshoot our costumes~
Also here I could tell you guys a little story why we ended up using our old Magnet-costumes with Lily and why we didn't cosplay Panty and Stocking as planned!
Well, we were a little late with my wig for Stocking, but the seller promised in his description to ship the wig 1 day after receiving the payment.. So we paid for it right away and also sent a message hoping for a fast shipping!
It took one week for that person to reply to our message and that was the last drop for me!
I was sure that we wouldn't get it in time for Tracon so we changed our plans with Lily.. Also I didn't continue with our costumes because of this and only concentrated to my studies and other stuff..
Well guess what I received just couple of days before Tracon? 
But I knew that there's no point starting to work with the costumes anymore (didn't want the stress, really) so we still sticked to our plan B.. Happily we will cosplay P&S in the future but there's no specific con decided yet ;)

But yeah, here's some photoshoot pics~
Photograph© hanskuinen
Retouch made by yours truly

After our photoshoot we changed to normal clothing and spent the rest of the convention day looking like that~

I had planned to see lectures but as always my plan to go see those failed :D
Instead I got to hangout with lot's of awesome people and to photoshoot with some of them~
I'll add another post about those photoshoots ;) But you can already see some photos at their blogs!
Ps. I had the best time photographing you guys, so thank you for asking me to be your photographer!!

I actually went to see the cosplay competitions on Saturday!
I was really happy to see that there was so many competitors in the WCS preliminaries and how the level of cosplay is so high! Here's just couple of photos I took..

WCS preliminaries - She's actually one of the winner and part of the WCS Team Finland 2014, Hootti! 

All the contestants that took part in the pro series!
And here's the winners of the pro series! Congrats to you all!
From left to right:
2nd place Jesmo, 1st place Yumi and 3rd place Hansku!
I actually have some photos of our WCS Team Finland 2014, but as they cried a lot I don't feel like publishing any of those (you would thank me if you saw the photos :DD) But congrats to you and have a nice time in Japan!!
After the competitions it was time for me and Lily to head back to our friends apartment!

Sunday was really laid back day for me!
I can't remember the last time that I didn't put much make-up on or wear a wig at a convention :D
This time I was actually prepared for my night train that I would take!

When we got to Tampere-talo we just hanged with some friends and I waited for another photoshoot with the same people as the day before!
After the photoshoot I just waited for the clock to hit 2.30pm which was my cue to leave the con!

Why is that?
I actually got to assistant at one photoshoot that evening that would take my time from 15:00 to 21:00!
And it was with these guys!

Yours truly is nicely photobombing while drinking from a bottle :D
Also stole this photo from her!
But yeah, that was pretty much how my Tracon went!
Next con that I will attend may be one Chibicon that is held at Oulu.. But I haven't decided yet if I'll go or not ;) We'll see~

Ps. Had really lovely time sleeping in the train that night = almost didn't sleep at all and my train was at Rovaniemi around 8:00.. And my lecture at my university started around 9:00 :D fun times, but next time I'll be a lot more wiser and not to come by night train!

Wednesday, August 28, 2013

WIP - Panty #01

I haven't blogged about my plans for Tracon in any way and I decided to make a little change in that!
So this is my first blog post about mine and Lily's Tracon costumes! 

Some may remember my post about what I will cosplay this summer (yeah, and I have cosplayed just one out of them all, yay!), one of my plans was Stocking from Panty and Stocking with Garterbelt!
And as I'm Stocking Lily will cosplay Panty~
I haven't really even started making my own cosplay and have only been working with Panty :')

There's some photos of the actual character for those who doesn't know who I'm talking about :3
Lily came over one weekend and we got her costume into pretty good shape..

But after our weekend together it was time for me to work some more with it..
I tried to paint all those grey parts into gold.. First of all I run out of paint in the middle of it..

And secondly the paint is crappy and won't hold.. I should have used some kind of primer before painting them but stupid me was stupid. Anyways we continued with the skirt yesterday!

So this costume is in pretty good shape, I just have to make all those golden parts again out of gold fabric! No, I'm not happy about that but it won't take long to make those as I have already made patterns for everything!

But now I'll try to enjoy my last days here in the Southern Finland before I go back to Lapland! So more wip material will be posted here next week~