Sunday, December 9, 2012


Last March I made a post about me cosplaying Yuzuruha (that post can be found here!) and at first I was supposed to cosplay her at Desucon 2012 but because of reasons my cosplay partner wanted to change our plans and we decided to cosplay Yuzuruha & Kongiku at Närcon 2012.
And because of reason, again, we didn't cosplay those two.. But I'm still planning on cosplaying her and hopefully that will come true next summer. But because I never made any posts about my progress with the costume I wanted to do that now! :3

The stuff that I have made are just little things, like doing her parasol and getting the wig. To be honest I got two wigs and I'll be doing a proper post about that later on when I finish it. I also made the fox ears but I'm going to redo those. :) Oh, and I've bought some make-up too for this cosplay :)

But let's see some photos, shall we? And as a reminder also a photo of Yuzuruha :)

There's the parasol. Because I just don't know how to make one I got one and started to make it look right, but as you can see the red color didn't cover the pattern in the paper so I had to paint it black. It's still in process.

Also here's what the wig looks like at the moment, as I mentioned I got two wigs, and you know why? Well, Yuzuruha has a lot of hair. And she really does. So I'm going to combine those two wigs by sewing the wefts together! :) And that will hopefully give enough volume :') Also I'm going to curl the wig to get big curls. :3

Yay, doing it by hand, how fun!
It's about what one wig looks like when taken out of bag, I've just sewed one weft to it from the other wig.. And yeah, it's a little mess right now, but nothing too serious :D
But that's what I got to show you, not much, yes, but I still wanted to make this post :)
And hopefully my pair will be doing Kongiku too, so that we can have our pair cosplay next summer :3


  1. This seems interesting. Nice character. Will be looking forward to progress photos. :)

    1. I really like her and her design :3 And I can't wait to get to make those shoes (have to learn the proper word for those..) from a scratch!! :3

    2. Her shoes can't be seen in that pic. *googles* Ah, seems to be okobo I think, they are tall so. :)

    3. Oh yeah, I forgot that I used that cropped pic :') Ooh, thank you! I'm not very aware of the right terms when it comes to japanese clothing yet :D

    4. You're welcome! You can ask me if you ever need any help/information about Japanese clothing for cosplays or something, I know quite a bit because it's a big interest (and hobby) of mine. xD