Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Over 5 years of cosplay and still going

I saw this picture of a German cosplayer Kamui (facebook | blog), in that picture is two photos put together, in one ïs her back in 2003 when she started cosplaying and the other photo is from 2012.
Also the first two lines in the caption was "We all started small. So did I."

And I can't agree more!
There's always talk about how people belittle/bad mouth other people and their costumes in the cosplay scene. But you know what?
We all have started small. 
And we can't judge a book by it's cover so we shouldn't judge people either.
Not everyone is perfect when they start and even those that we look up to and think that are perfect cosplayers and so good ain't perfect either.
We have to train ourselves to get better and better, no one is born with superior sewing skills or talent to modify wigs, we train our talents and get better with time!
(and I talk in plural because I'm talking about all of us cosplayers together!)

And I believe that everyone has at least one costume (or more, like I have) that they are embarrassed of - even though there's no reason to be!

So for the sake of us all starting from small I decided to show you all my costumes (those can be found the page "Completed Costumes" too) year by year!
And I thought that I would also share costumes that I've made(/helped with) for others but ended up deciding not to do that (but those can be found from the page "Costumes I've made for other ppl") :D 
To be honest, I'm so embarrassed to show you some of these but here we go anyways!

You can click the photos to see them in bigger size!

Ziromaru as Roxas
Lily as Yuna
Shizuka Hio, Bo Peep
Princess Peach, Hatsune Miku, Mikuru Asahina,
Madam Red, Lulu, Doll
Ninnu as Rikku 
Cloche Leythal Pastalia, Megurine Luka, Beast
Chikaru Minamoto, Jessica Hamby, Meiko,
Megurine Luka, Agnes Joubert, Marie Mjölnir,
White, Nobara Yukinokouji
With this post I wanted to remind everyone of the fact that we all have started off somewhere and that we can train ourselves and learn by doing things by hand a lot! And that there's always more to learn! ;)

I also wanted to see where I am at the moment, what have I learned during these over 5 years (I know that counting the photos it gives you six but I started during the summer 2007 so it's 5,5 years from that now..) and where I still have to get better at!
And now after I've made this I don't feel that embarrassed of my 3 first costumes like I've always been, because I acknowledge the fact that those days are long gone and I'm way better that back in those days.
But I still have really long way to go and I can't wait to see what my costumes will look like in the future, I don't know how long I'm going to keep doing this, but hopefully there's going to be many more years to come!

Now I want to challenge everyone to do a post like this and show that you have started small too!

And here's a photo of me first costume and the newest one put side-by-side! :)