Wednesday, December 5, 2012

From no plans to too many plans

So, not long ago I blogged about the fact that I didn't feel like copslaying anymore, but I did get comments about people who also has felt the same way and I got a few nice tips too.. So I did try not to think about cosplay for a while and just did my university stuff and lived my life without worrying about it.. And after a while it really paid off! Now I feel much better and I actually have the inspiration to do a lot of costumes and actually I have way too many plans atm!

I decided to make a poll about these, to see what people would like to see me doing next! It will help me to make my final decision plus I want to show you what I may cosplay next year, as I have now over 70 readers! I also made a new layout with new banner for you guys, what do you think? :3

But to the characters that I've been thinking of cosplaying at Desucon Frostbite, this will be for one of the two days, because I already have one secret cosplay planned for the convention with some friends ;)

1. Erica Anderson (Catherine)

2. Malon, adult-version (The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time)

3. Lady Amalthea (The Last Unicorn)

4. Rosetta, winter-version (Secret of the Wings)

5. Belle, pink dress/winter-version (Beauty and the Beast)

Now go and vote for your favourite (you can find the poll from the sidebar!) I really want to know which one you would like to see :) Also, even if you won't vote for Erica or Malon I'm pretty sure I'll be doing those two for the summer anyways.. And these two Disney ladies really resemble each other, don't you think? Plus I love the wintery outfits they have.. And I think that something wintery would be nice to wear in February! :')

ps. You have time 'till 31.12.2012 to answer to the poll! :)


  1. Toi Rosetta on ihana! Siivet, kengät, karvareunus, kaikki! Ihana! :3

    1. Niin mustakin, rakastuin siihen ensisilmäyksellä :3 siksi se tuonne listalle pääsikin :D

  2. Koska kyse on talviconista, niin joko Bell tai Rosetta. Mutta pitkän pohdinnan jälkeen sanon että Rosetta, koska hahmon desing<3 ja nuo kengät ~ Ja muutenkin Helinä-keiju leffat<3

    1. Vähän samoilla linjoilla olen, en ehkä halua jäätyä Frostissa :D
      Rosetta on kyllä ihana ja noi leffat<3 Itsehän katsoin kyseisen leffan vain viihdyttääkseni itseäni ja sitten menin ihastumaan tuohon hahmo designiin :3
      Rosettaa cossatessa tosin olisi mukavaa saada muitakin keijuja mukaan..