Friday, September 14, 2012

New look for a pinkish wig

When everyone else was at Tracon I was at home doing stuff like this = modifying a wig!
You know, wigs ain't my speciality, I'm not that good with them, but I've noticed that it's actually pretty fun and easy (in the end) :)

So.. You might remember my "Just be Friends" Megurine Luka cosplay from last summer?
Well.. If not, here's some photos to remind you what it looked like!

Desucon 2011 & Finncon-Animecon 2011
 This wig was actually in pretty bad shape and I didn't feel like sharing tears for it (you know, it would have taken so much work to make all the tangles go away!) so I decided to give it a new look!
It would get a lot shorter and straight, and it did and it was actually not so painful, it was pretty painless :)

I had a photoshoot with Lily in August and she wore this wig for it, it was in really bad shape that time too, but we managed. If you want to see more from this shoot, go HERE!
But let's get to the point..
This post is to show you what I did for it and maybe you can use some tips from here! (or learn not to do it like this ;) )
 Underneath is a photo of the wig almost before I started cutting it shorter!
You may notice that I had already started doing my work here~ but it doesn't matter..

So, I decided to take a lot off of the lenght!
Actually I used the wighead to keep the straight line that I wanted..

You can see what kind of scissors I used on the right side of this photo!

And after cutting it it looked like that!
I had actually used some hot water on it day before, so it's already more straight than it was.. But anyways..
You remember that I straightened my Erica wig using hairdryer? This time I didn't have one, so I had to use the hot water technique to get the result I wanted..

I had to boil 2 litres of water couple of times..
And I actually used it right after it had gotten to 100 degrees.. Happily my wig didn't mind it and I got a nice and pretty straight wig!

So that is what it looks like at the very moment!

I don't know if I'm ever going to use it in a cosplay, but I like it like that so I may use it at photoshoots and just for fun too!

I'm actually working on lot's of wigs at the moment, because school started and I don't feel like starting to make any clothing for any of my upcoming cosplays yet so..

But I guess I'll be showing you lot's of wigs and accessories that I make so I have something to blog about anyways! :3