Sunday, August 26, 2012

Wish post: Doll

One of my readers asked some time ago if I could do a post about my Doll cosplay, well.. I don't actually know what that person really wanted to know, so I'm going to tell what I tell and then that person (and others too) can send me more questions about this costume if you feel like it :)

This costume is actually from 2010, I made this for Tsukicon (yes, really, and I haven't used this myself since that day.. But Lily has used this too at Desucon 2011..) But I have worn this costume for studio photoshoot + a friend that studied photography at that time took some photos of me in this costume and of another friend in her costume for her school work :)

© Elina Rowland
© Elina Rowland
© Elina Rowland
© Milla Laine
Because of various reasons this costume was easy to make and not.. The basic design is really simple and nothing that special, but all the roses made it a little harder to make.. And the fact that I wanted to do those by hand.. And I actually made 111 of those, if I remember correctly there's 1 rose/shoe and 1 rose on the center of the bow. Then there's 38 roses on the wig and rest of the roses I used for the hem of the skirt :) And I could have used couple roses more but I run out of time and cord :D I actually made the last things on the morning of the convention, though I worked on this costume for 1-2 months actually D:

Choker. It was nice to do it, I made the patterns by myself and it was my first time making one, But in the end it was pretty nice and easy to do! :) Doll actually has buttons, but I used some poppers and just added the buttons for the show ;) That lace was a really nice find from a local store at my hometown! They sell all kinds of laces and buttons there~

Bow. As I always think, bows are the simplest thing that you can make and for it to maintain the shape I used some metal cord :) Also, I made the bow on the morning of the convention so that also shows how little time something like this takes.. Also there's one rose in the middle of the bow, I just used some hot glue to add it there :)

Skirt. There's actually two layers of skirt here, one on top, the one that has the "flower/cookie shape" and some lace too in the hem and then I had to add the roses there too, so I made a petticoat and added all the rest of the roses there, as you can see, there's two rows of roses there and to be honest I wish I would have had more of those, because it would have been nicer to have three rows, but I'm still pretty happy with this.. 

Top. I think that this is the only part that I don't like. It should have had more round shapes (same shape as in bottom)..

Back. Here I've made a rookie mistake that I think is so hilarious! As you can see the back has a corset back and where did I add the bones? Well, The bones do give a nice support there too, but this way the fabric will eventually give it up for the ribbon as you tighten it. I should have added bones to both sides of those metal rings.

Dress. I have nothing to add about the dress, but I think it suits better ppl with a slimmer figure than I have, at the moment I think that I' way too curvy to wear this kind of a dress.. But yeah, I made patterns for the top myself and according to my own measurements, so it fits really well for me :) 

Wig. As the base I used an old wig, I just cut away all the fibres and then made the part that would cover my eye out of fabric and after that started to add roses one after another to it.. After it had all the roses added on I made the four pearl thingies to the left side. I used some clear plastic pearls and some with a shimmer :) At the end of those there's Swarovski tear-shaped glass thingies :D Also I added the ribbon and the ostrich feathers to the wig too :)

Sleeves. One sleeve is actually made out of two different parts. There's the baggy part and under it goes the more fitting part (I'm bad with real words for things, sorry! ;;__;;) I used a sleeve pattern for the fitting parts and didn't use any pattern for those baggy things, also I added a rubber band there and added the laces :)

Socks and shoes. For the socks I actually bought real socks and then just made the upper part myself and added it to the socks, That part was pretty easy to do also and didn't take too much time :)
The shoes I also bought, those are "jumppatossut" and I don't really know the word in english for those, sorry! So I just added roses to the shoes and also the ribbons that go around the legs :)

So, that's all about my Doll costume, now I've shared all my secrets with you guys, haha! :)

Here's a tutorial of how I did those roses too, so watch it if you are interested to see the whole process :)



  1. Thanks for the posting. Very nice costume still. I like that shoes much. ^^
    They are called gym shoes btw.
    Best wishes.

    1. Yes, I like this costume a lot too myself, I think this is one of my favorite costume for now :D
      Oh yeah, that's what they are called xD Sometimes you just can't remember the simplest things :'D