Friday, August 17, 2012

Tracon?! What is that, something you can eat?

Hello all you lovely peeps!
Actually, where the title actually comes from is..
Well, let's put it shortly:
I'm not going there this year!

Well, there is pretty simple reason:
I'm moving and because of that and the fact that I'm starting my studies at the University of Lapland leads to this..

for me :(

It's way too sad, because this is first time for me that I can't go to a convention that I would love to go!
I even had great plan to cosplay one lovely character from one amazing game and that was..

Gwendolyn from Odin Sphere!

I even had a group of 4 ppl, but as I can't go the rest of the group decided to put their costumes on hiatus too, so we're still going to do these to some other convention! :)
Which, we don't know yet~ But it will happen (and we're looking for other ppl to cosplay from OS too, so if you would like to be part of our group leave comment or mail me!) someday somewhere!

I have been working with this costume, so I decided to end this post with an old progress photo:

I'm going to redo that tiara-part, but anyways :) This is actually the only progress photo that I have at this moment :)

As I'm not going to go to Tracon I will be working on my costumes a lot, so that hopefully means that I will have a lot to show to you guys during this fall~ :)


  1. Harmi että jää sulta nyt tuo Tracon välistä :(( On aina ollut onnistuneita coneja itselle. Mut noh, kyllä näitä onneksi tulee! :>

    1. Tää on just tällanen puukon haavassa kääntämis kommentti D: Joo, Traconeissa olen käynyt vuodesta 2008, ja jokaisesta tykännyt, että niin, ketuttaa ihan vaan ievästi.. Plus imma outsider nooooooouuuuuuuuu ;;__;;