Thursday, August 2, 2012

Närcon 2012 @ Linköping, Sweden

Hello to you all~
As my last post told you, I left Finland on last weeks Tuesday, just so I could go to a swedish convention called Närcon!
I got to warn you that this post is going to be a very long one! Because there's a lot of photos to be shown and well.. I think there's going to be a lot of text this time too!

So, our journey started already on Tuesday, so that we were at Sweden on Wednesday morning! That was because we wanted some time for us to spend at Stockholm (mostly at Gamla Stan) and that that when we go to Linköping we could take our time with putting the tents up etc :)

But yeah, the camping are was just a random spot on a field.. They had put up a fence around the area and the hay had been cutted down.. But you know, it wasn't that comfy.. Without a tarp under mine and Ninnu's tent it would have been awful to sleep :') But I did sleep quite well the first night.. :O
Other things about the camping: they had promised toilets and showers to the area and no, for the first 24h or so there wasn't even toilets there! And when those came.. Well.. Those were horrible xD You can see a photo of it here if you are interested to see it :')
And about the showers.. Well, we never got those! We had to walk to campushallen if we wanted to go to shower and well, it was quite a walk, I must say x)


Thursday was the first convention day, the doors were going to open after 13:00 so we weren't in a hurry..
We still ended up waking up pretty early and it felt like forever when we were waiting for a good time to start put on make-up etc.. We didn't want to get there too early.. :/

But I guess we were a little early anyways, because we were on the location before the doors opened.. And it was hot!
Btw, I ended up cosplaying White on the first convention day ;)
We were walking around 'till we ended up sitting on some stairs in the shadow of the trees.. At that time one of Närcon's photographers came and asked to take some photos of us, first he took some of Niina and after that of Linda and after that he took some photos of me too :')

After that we ended up having a small photoshoot at the stairs, Ninnu took some photos of me and I took some of her :)

After that the doors were open and we went in to check what the place is like inside the university..
I got to say that what I really like at Finnish conventions is how they put all the stores (like Fantsu, Manga café etc) in one place to sell their stuff, here they had separated all the stores to different classrooms.. :/ And I wasn't that fond of it..

We also went to check out backyard (POOLEN!!!!!) but  it was a little of a disappointment.. :/
(Photo of the pool can be seen here!)
So, after some time at the backyard we decided to go eat, on our way to McDonald's we noticed a nice path through wood so we decided to stop there on our way back to the convention, here's couple of shots Ninnu took of me :)

Like always we got pretty tired of our costume after some time and we went back to the camp and first we just changed back to our clothes but when we decided to play some croquette we changed to our Inu x Boku SS cosplays or well.. It was more like closet cosplays, lol!

And after the game we decided to go back to the convention area, but we actually put on the real costumes before that! We were just hanging around but because I had burned my arms really badly I started tofeel bad.. And after midnight it just got badder, so I decided to go back to the camp first.. We had planned to go watch Battle Royale as they were going to play it there, but after I left the others "remembered" that we are in Sweden and possibly the subtitles are going to be in swedish and then they talk japanese so they wouldn't understand any of it.. So they came back to the camp right after me, actually!

On Thursday we ran into Valkoinen Samurai! It was nice meeting you there! :) Too bad our conversation ended so fast, well, maybe we'll meet again at some other convention, and maybe this time in Finland? :'D

Oh yeah, and here's some photos of Ninnu that I took, she cosplayed Rikku (Final Fantasy X) on Thursday~ :)


Friday was an Inu x Boku SS day!
We had our little group (Nobara, Banri and Karuta) for this day and it was fun!
Again we were on time at the convention area, because the doors opened at 12:00 (really, it's so weird that the doors opens so "late" :O) and I think that we had the photoshoot with our group pretty early that day, because there wasn't really anything going on.. :O There was this nice separated area for adults, or should I say for parents.. There was coffee and tea for those too, pretty nice! And happily we could use it as our photoshoot place.. And it suited our characters pretty well too, as it is a cafeteria!
Photos of just me has been taken by Ninnu and other photos have been taken by Mollamaija!

And then some not so serious photos..

Bitch, we're fabulous!
Again we spend most of the time just hanging around, since there wasn't much of program going on.. Well, there was a lot of outside activities, like live tetris, chess, laserdome etc.. But I think you know what I mean, right?

So after we changed our costumes we went back to the convention in civil clothing! We tested Josbar and at that time I noticed some more finns there! So with Ninnu we went to talk to them and we did have pretty long conversation :') At that time I also saw Sowah (a friend of mine, you might remember her from my last post, she cosplayed as Grell Sutcliff at Meuwcon 2010) and I spent some time with her too..

But we ended up going to the town pretty early and we also went to check up Linköpings Gamla Stan.. It was really pretty *__* I liked it a lot and it reminded me of our summer cottage and ofc of Porvoo too :') So I felt really home there :3

This day we went sleeping really early! Or at least that's how it felt :')


As always we got up pretty early, did our make-ups and put on our costumes and then we left for the convention!

On saturday we also did same things that we did on the previous days, boring? Not really :D I had fun, because it's mostly the ppl that makes the convention, right? :D

I think that it was the last time for me that I wore my Madam Red :( It's a little sad, but I've already used it 4 times, so I think that it has served it's purpose pretty well :D

Have some new photos of my Madam Red:

I really wanted some new photos of my cosplay and I'm pretty happy with the results :)
I also took some photos of Ninnu, she cosplayed Karina Lyle (Tiger and Bunny)

And we asked some worker of Närcon to take a photo of us four infront of this Närcon sign~

From left to right: Me, lineartt, Ninnu and Mollamaija!
Our small group ;) It's nice how we all cosplayed from different series :') 
I went back to the camping area with lineartt to take off the costumes (my contacts and shoes were killing me!).. Ninnu wanted to keep her costume on as there was going to be some more T&B cosplayers there that evening!
So after I had changed I was starving, so I went to McDonald's with lineartt and after we got back to convention are I just had to leave a small mark on the ground of my visit:

Advertising much? :D
So when the rest of the T&B cosplayers came Ninnu and lineartt left with those to photoshoot (I guess), I watched Nordic Cosplay Championships with Mollamaija and after it was over we just waited for those two to came back, but in the end we ended up going back to the camp without those two :') I was so tired and just wanted to go sleeping..


Sunday was a really short day for us!
We just put all our stuff together and packed my car, after that we went to the convention, bought some drinks from Josbar and after that we already left!

Now I actually really want to go back and I guess I will be there again next year, if just possible<3 p="p">

Again at Stockholm we went to Gamla Stan, but after a short time we already left to the ship and started our way back to Finland..

I've been pretty tired after the trip and I just can't believe that it's already Thursday and it's already one week from the start of Närcon!

Well, now I can start my next cosplay and hopefully I'll finish it in time for Tracon ;)
So I guess there's going to be some progress photos too, if possible! :)

But before I end this post, here's a music video that Team Elric made of Närcon!!!
When I watched it I really started to miss Närcon a lot more than I already missed it ;;__;;

and then I already forgot, but on Saturday there was these two awesome zombies that scared the shit out of us!!! Here's some video of it too ;)

But that's all of Närcon!
See ya next time~ Bye~


  1. I remember when I met you gals, I was like "heck I swear I heard someone speaking Finnish!" and then durrrr I found you two. XD It was pretty cool actually. I hope we'll meet again at other cons, maybe at Tracon? :'D I will veeeeery likely go to Närcon next year too, it's awesome... Josbar. <3

    Hope you had a great time!

    PS. I have those photos of you, you want 'em? I need an email adress to send to in that case ~

    1. I was pretty confused when you came just talk with us, b/c you were the first finn (other than us four) that we met there! :D
      Yeah, I think that I'm going to go to Tracon, we must definetly meet again there! :D
      And I think our little group is going there again next year too :3 Josbar and Super Mario, oh my god<3

      Yup, I had really good time!! :D

      Oh, you do? :D It would be nice to get those, my mail is :3

    2. Yeah I can understand that. XD Random "morrrrrrrrrjens suomalaisii". lol

      Yup, I just hope I can go to Tracon, we'll see.
      That's awesome! Josbar! <3 I didn't have any Super Mario this year.. kinda regret that.. just bought 2 Diddy Kong and one Donkey Kong. =(

      Alright, I'll send the pics!

    3. yep!! :'DD But it was really nice to meet you~ :)

      Yeah, I have a problem called Rovaniemi.. I'm moving there in the end of this month, so I'm not sure if I can go to Tracon or not :')
      Really, no Super Mario? :O It was so good!!!

      I got them, thank you~ :3

  2. Laiskana en jaksa kirjautua sisään. lol.
    Ihana nähdä noita kuvia sunkin kamerastas! Oh God, mä haluun kans takaisin Närconiin ;__;

    1. ihanaa että olet niin laiska xD
      Jees, laittelen sulle niitä kuvia dropboxiinkin atm :)
      joo, mennään takaisin ;;__;;

  3. Hyyyyyi hyi hyi niin ahdistavaa nuo zombiet! :D Niin hienoa, että joillain on pokkaa tulla noin reviirille.

    1. Ne oli hyvin ahdistavia!! :D Mutta juurikin tuo että heillä oli pokkaa tula niin lähelle ihan randomisti teki niistä erittäin mahtavia, huhhuh!! :D

  4. Ruotsalaiset ovat hyvin sosiaalista porukkaa, tulevat randomisti juttelemaan ihan kaikkien kanssa. Ihan eri meininki kuin Suomen coneissa. Ruotsalaiset osaavat myös pitää aidosti hauskaa, siksi tuolla Närconissakin viihtyi todella hyvin. Ja on helppo tutustua uusiin ihmisiin.

    1. Olen samaa mieltä jokaisen sanasi kanssa! :)

  5. Upeita pukuja! Milloinkohan cossaat Giselleä Lumotusta.. :) Tutustuin joskus aiemmin blogiisi ja satuin vain huomaamaan että olet tekemässä sitä vaaleanpunaista pukua ja siitä näyttäisi tulevan hyvin nätti ^^ itselläni valmistui juuri se sininen "verhopuku" ja sitä pinkkiäkin olen ajatellut jossain välissä.

    Ihanaa loppukesää!

    1. Kiitos paljon! :D
      Giselle tulee päätymään päälleni joskus tulevaisuudessa! Desun kanssahan kävi niin, että se muuttui itselläni 3 päiväisestä 2 päiväiseksi, koska pääsin yksiin pääsykokeisiin! :) Mutta siitä puuttuu enään vain muutamia pieniä juttuja, joten uskon tekeväni sen aika piankin loppuun :) Kunhan vain pääsisin taas innostumaan siitä! :) ja kiitos :'3 uu, sitä olen vähän itsekkin haaveillut joskus tekeväni :D

      Kiitos samoin!!! :3

  6. Ooh my god I remember seeing you as White and Madame Red at some point I think..gaaah I should have ask for a hug! XD Sounds like you had a great time at Närcon! :3

    1. Really? xD You should have if you saw me!! ;;__;;
      But maybe next time that we go to the same convention? ;D
      I did have really good time there! :) It was super fun and I think that I'm going there next year too~ :3