Sunday, July 1, 2012

Bear Beer

I guess it's time for me to post some progress photos + my plans for Animecon! :)
 I actually never even thought that I would go there.. Before.. I dunno, June, maybe?
And I had plans for the whole weekend but for one reason and for another too one costume is now on hiatus and the other one I have started :)

So at Animecon (Saturday) I'm going to cosplay Erica Anderson from Catherine!

So, I wanted to start making this by doing all small things first, like shoes and hairband :) And I have actually finished both of those and also modified my wig for this cosplay too! :) I thought that I couldn't find shoes that look like hers, but thank god I was wrong and I found a pair from Seppälä!

So that's the shoes. A lot of small things to do, eh?

Making patterns! I used one old sneakers of mine as a reference too :') And then you can see that I actually had the photo of the shoe right there next to me!

Still in progress~

And there! Done! I was pretty happy after those were done, because some how I felt like there was so much to do :')
After that I actually finished the hairband (picture of it is later in this post) and after that I started the lovely process of modifying my wig :S

Starting point:

Pretty long and curly red wig! I thought that I must straighten it first and after that cut it, so that's what I did!

I actually just brushed through it slowly and my brush was followed by hairdryer! I think straightening it took just 15 mins max! :) Here's some photos what it looked afterwards!

I actually left some curls/waves at the ends because there was no need to straighten it all way to the ends..

And there's the hairband! All ready!

I took a photo after I cut the wig, I actually just wanted to see if the length was okay or not.. And it was!
I also like to cut bangs when the wig is on me, so that's another reason! :')

And there's the final look of the wig! Actually this was my first time doing a more bigger change for a wig.. Normally I've just straighten/curled/cut bangs, so it was pretty much a first time for me, but it was fun! :)

I'm going to start her apron tomorrow, as I have the fabric already but I've been lazy and then I'll do rest of the waitress uniform later :) Also I've planned making some props that I can take with me, and maybe you get the hint from the title of this post? ;)

I'm also going to take Erica with me to Närcon, Sweden! So if you're coming there and see me there come and say hi! (Sama koskee myös sitten Animeconia!)

And then there's been some progress with another cosplay too..
This character is Nobara Yukinokouji and she's from Inu X Boku SS!

I'm just missing black top, gloves and eyeglasses and it's ready! And the wig I'm lending from a friend, so it's not a problem for me :)

I'm taking this with me to Närcon too, but I've been wondering if I should cosplay her on Sunday at Animecon too? :O What do you think? :/ Yay or Nay?

But anyways, more posts coming soon, as Animecon and Närcon are both close!
At least I have started a post about how I miss Sweden, and well.. You'll get to see it hopefully soon~ ;)


  1. Ooh you're also coming to Närcon? Sweet! :D

    1. Yup~ :3 I've noticed that there's quite many finns going there this year :O

  2. Oaaa mulla on sunnuntaina Animeconissa Karuta! 8DDD olis aika aawww jos olisit Nobarana sillon~

    1. Päätin ottaa Whiten mukaan Animeconiin, kun tosiaan sinne Närconiin olen menossa ja kolme uutta cossia (Erica, Nobara ja White) on tulossa sinne mukaan, mutta mulla on muutto edessä just tolloin Animeconin ja Närconin välisellä viikolla, niin päätin jättää Nobaran viimeistelyn sille viikolla, että saan nää kaks muuta rauhassa tehtyä :/
      Mutta mehän voidaan pitää joskus shoottia tai jotain? :DD

    2. Aaa aivan! :3 Jees ymmärrettävää kyllä~ Ja tottakai! Aion kuitenkin varmasti jossain muuallakin sitä käyttää, en raaski olla käyttämättä cossejani useampaan otteeseen niin se nähdään taatusti vielä jossain. Ja vaikkei jossain conissa sitten, niin vaikka tosiaan joku conin ulkopuoleinen shootti olis aika jees, Nobara kun sattuu olemaan ihana perverssi ja niiden kahden suhde on aika mielenkiintoinen X'D ♥