Sunday, June 3, 2012

Desucon - Final costume update

Time for the final costume update which means that my costumes are READY!
I can't actually believe that I'm ready 4 days before the first con day :')

I started making the shirt for Marie (Soul Eater) in the morning of 2.6. = yesterday :) I managed to finish it pretty fastly and after that I went to have some fun at Itis and when I came home I worked with her skirt, here's a wip photo!

It was pretty fun to make her skirt :') plus I managed to finish it before I went to sleep, yay!
So the only thing that I had to work on with today was her eyepatch and I finished it pretty fastly too :)

Here's some photos of the finished costume with the wig and shoes~

And I painted my shoes for my "secret" cosplay on Thursday evening, those are actually dark purple, just so you know if you can't see the color from this good quality phone photo ;)

And at first I thought of making the shirt for this character too, but when I went to Jumbo I found one that was perfect from H&M, so I thought that I'll use it and just do her skirt :) So I did the skirt on Friday and ta-daa! It's ready!

So, now you know the clothes + shoes this character has and what kind of eyeshadow she wears, any guesses who it i? ;)

Oh, and I can tell her hair is hazel color :) I'm still waiting for my wig though, we'll see if I'll get it in time, 'cause it was shipped last Thursday.. :') Normally when I buy wigs from that seller those arrive in three days, but because there's some holidays at UK tomorrow and the day after that I can't be too sure :') Hopefully it'll arrive in time or else I'll loan a wig from a friend :')


  1. LUV the costume<3 Mitä sä siitä muka valitit? :D
    Ja kenenköhän peruukkii oot lainaamassa jos ei muute onnistu? ;)
    Saan muute kyydin Kouvolaa nii et oon pe seittemä aikoihi Lahes~

    1. Ehkä mä vaan tykkään valittaa ;)
      Niin, sulta tietenkin! :) okei, hyvä kuulla! :) mutta luultavasti jos mun peruukki ei saavu niin sitten vaihdan ton pe asun päälle la iltapäivästä eteenpäin, että silloin sitten tarttisin peruukkia lainaan :')