Tuesday, June 5, 2012


Hello again~
As I told you my both cosplays are ready, but the wig I bought for my Friday cosplay was waaaaaaay too dark so I ended up loaning a wig from Lily!
I guess I have to share the character with you just so you know what kind of hair she has..

She is.....

Agnes Joubert from Tiger & Bunny!!! :)

So, the wig that I'm using has been pretty curly, but with time it has lost some of the curls, so I'm making more of those! Here's what I started with:

As you can see these's just some waves at the ends :)

Some foil :)
First I made some sticks out of the foil and rolled sections of the hair around those, like this:

So that's what I did, because I didn't want the wig too curly I tried to use bigger sections :)

And now you think that I used water with it, but no! Actually I used blow dryer! :) And a comb with metal spikes! :)

After my first try there was almost no difference to what I started with, so I decided to try it again!

This time I used smaller sections~

no difference here, but..

I did get nice curls this time! :)
The time I used for "one curl" was about ~60 seconds, so that's the time I heated it up with the blow dryer :) And I really like how it ended up, so this is what the wig (hopefully) will look like at Desucon :) I already packed it in it's bag to wait for Friday ;)

Also, I just wanted to show you this DtK wig that my friend Sowah sent to me! Ninnu is going to use it on Saturday at Desucon when she's cosplaying DtK :)

That's it folks!
This was my last post before Desucon, so next time I'll be blogging after it! :)

ps. Lily, what do you think about your wig now? ;)


  1. WHAT DID YOU DO WITH IT?!?!?!?! ;;__;;
    Jei~ Sainki sitte ne uuet kiharat vaivatta ;DD

    1. Don't worry, teen sulle ne enkeli kiharat sitten conin jälkeen tohon peruukkiin! :D
      Eli et nyt niin vaivatta ;)

  2. thanks to share .. great tutorial :)

    follow your blog
    mind for follow back? http://ciachiaa.blogspot.com/
    thanks before ^^

    1. Thank you! :)
      It's great to hear that! :)

      I actually just checked ur blog and yes, I will follow you back ;)