Monday, June 18, 2012

50 readers special post!

I'm happy to notice that now there is 50 readers!!

Some might remember how I made a little promise to show you a music video made out of video footage that has never been published before.. There actually is some things that I've posted on my Facebook, but that doesn't matter, right? :)

So, all this footage seen on this video has been recorded by me or my friends during these past five fabulous years that I've been a cosplayer! So the oldest footage is actually from my first convention ever: Finncon-Animecon 2007!

Hopefully you'll enjoy this little video of mine, have fun! :3 

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Desucon 2012

So, it's time for my own Desucon 2012 (Finland) report! Long post is long, but that's just because I decided to add a lot of photos :')
I don't normally post more than 3-5 photos/costume because I'm so picky, but this time there was more photos that I liked :)
But now, let's start with my con report ;)

So yeah, Desucon was held at Lahti and this year it was a three day convention!
Though I was there only for Friday and Saturday I had a blast! :)

So, Friday started with some misfortunes.
My friends car broke and they had to wait for help about 2 hours, I couldn't do anything and I still feel badly about it :( So I went to the hotel, did my make-up and put my cosplay on, I waited for my friends to come and during that time I broke my tights (lol, had to without them to the convention) and got some dirt on my skirt! :') But that I got off pretty fast :)
First to arrive after me was Lily, she changed her clothes and put her make-up on and during that time Mollamaija and lineartt made it to the hotel! :)
After everyone was ready it was around 18:00 and then we left to Sibeliustalo! :)
I saw some friends and we were just hanging around! :)

I didn't actually feel like photoshooting at all on Friday.. But thanks to Lily we ended up taking some photos of me as Agnes Joubert and of her too :) I think I'll add photos of Lily to my photography blog some time soon, so remember to check it out! :)

But here's some photos of me as Agnes~

I want to have another photoshoot some time soon with this, I just have to find a suitable place first! :D Maybe at my working place, idk :')

We left pretty early (I think) and there was this beautiful sunset at that time! :3 It was soooo pretty! :3

We had pretty early wake up because of me on the Saturday morning! I had parked my car to place where you need a parking ticket from 09:00 to 17:00 and I didn't want to pay for one and I didn't want to take a risk that I would get a penalty ticket (or what you call it, idk)

So we woke up around 07:00 and went to Sibeliustalo around 08:50 :')
We were outside and took some photos of our cosplays and just spend some time outdoors and indoors..

We had to wait for some time for the rest of our Soul Eater group (me and Lily were art of it :) ) so we ended up goofing around and we also took a random group photo at kuvauspalvelu! :)

I stole this photo from lineartt >:D
Date, lineartt and me! :D
If you were wondering why the glass walls of Sibeliustalo were dirty and slimy here's the reason! x'D
Really, RoXas_, really? :D 
Mollamaija (Renate Richter from Iron Sky), lineartt (Shura Kirigakure from Ao no Exorcist), Lily (Elizabeth "Liz" Thompson from Soul Eater) and me (Marie Mjölnir from Soul Eater)~ :)
So after this members of our group had arrived and then we decided to go and take some photos with others! :) Here's just photos that I'm in, I took almost all the other photos of the other members so I'll be adding some photos to my photography blog too :)

Prepare for Trouble!
Full Soul Eater group!
Meister & Death Scythe
Two Death Scythes & Meister
Marie: "Now, listen to me Justin, it's gonna be like this and blahbahblah"
Justin: *listens to the music and don't care what Marie is saying*
So, after our photoshoot we went inside and were just hanging around (and shopping, lol) 'till 15:30 when it was time for Euro Cosplay Championship preliminaries! :) We got pretty nice seats from the third row, so I got to take a lot of pics :')

Here we go~
Elina as the host!  She's awesome! :)
Some of the contestants..
She got the third place!

And here's our winner who will represent Finland at Euro Cosplay Championships! :)
Congratulations Ilona!!! :)
After the preliminaries there was this Hall Cosplay contest, it's a contest where the audience gets to vote for they're favourite :) Here's some of the contestants~

Quendescence & RoXas_
^Valtiel^, who ended up winning the Hall Cosplay contest! :)
Congratulations!! :)
After those two cosplay contests I was in a hurry! Because I had promised to go take some photos of a friend and her friends right after the contest but I just had to go to the store before it closed and change clothes before so yeah, lot's of running around from place A to B to C :')

But they didn't have to wait for me almost at all (thank goodness)! :)
But here's something for you to look at too ;)

Yumi as Catherine | Elina as Trisha | alksndra as Katherine

I believe that Yumi will be adding some more photos to her blog after she gets them (ovat latautumassa, pistän viestiä heti kun ovat saatavilla!!) so remember to follow it too :) And ofc I'll add some to my photography blog after I've been through them all! :)

So, after this photoshoot I went to say goodbye to all my friends and then left home! :)

I really had great time and I can't wait 'till Animecon! :)
So see you there if ur coming there too ;)
Bye~ :3

Tuesday, June 5, 2012


Hello again~
As I told you my both cosplays are ready, but the wig I bought for my Friday cosplay was waaaaaaay too dark so I ended up loaning a wig from Lily!
I guess I have to share the character with you just so you know what kind of hair she has..

She is.....

Agnes Joubert from Tiger & Bunny!!! :)

So, the wig that I'm using has been pretty curly, but with time it has lost some of the curls, so I'm making more of those! Here's what I started with:

As you can see these's just some waves at the ends :)

Some foil :)
First I made some sticks out of the foil and rolled sections of the hair around those, like this:

So that's what I did, because I didn't want the wig too curly I tried to use bigger sections :)

And now you think that I used water with it, but no! Actually I used blow dryer! :) And a comb with metal spikes! :)

After my first try there was almost no difference to what I started with, so I decided to try it again!

This time I used smaller sections~

no difference here, but..

I did get nice curls this time! :)
The time I used for "one curl" was about ~60 seconds, so that's the time I heated it up with the blow dryer :) And I really like how it ended up, so this is what the wig (hopefully) will look like at Desucon :) I already packed it in it's bag to wait for Friday ;)

Also, I just wanted to show you this DtK wig that my friend Sowah sent to me! Ninnu is going to use it on Saturday at Desucon when she's cosplaying DtK :)

That's it folks!
This was my last post before Desucon, so next time I'll be blogging after it! :)

ps. Lily, what do you think about your wig now? ;)

Sunday, June 3, 2012

Desucon - Final costume update

Time for the final costume update which means that my costumes are READY!
I can't actually believe that I'm ready 4 days before the first con day :')

I started making the shirt for Marie (Soul Eater) in the morning of 2.6. = yesterday :) I managed to finish it pretty fastly and after that I went to have some fun at Itis and when I came home I worked with her skirt, here's a wip photo!

It was pretty fun to make her skirt :') plus I managed to finish it before I went to sleep, yay!
So the only thing that I had to work on with today was her eyepatch and I finished it pretty fastly too :)

Here's some photos of the finished costume with the wig and shoes~

And I painted my shoes for my "secret" cosplay on Thursday evening, those are actually dark purple, just so you know if you can't see the color from this good quality phone photo ;)

And at first I thought of making the shirt for this character too, but when I went to Jumbo I found one that was perfect from H&M, so I thought that I'll use it and just do her skirt :) So I did the skirt on Friday and ta-daa! It's ready!

So, now you know the clothes + shoes this character has and what kind of eyeshadow she wears, any guesses who it i? ;)

Oh, and I can tell her hair is hazel color :) I'm still waiting for my wig though, we'll see if I'll get it in time, 'cause it was shipped last Thursday.. :') Normally when I buy wigs from that seller those arrive in three days, but because there's some holidays at UK tomorrow and the day after that I can't be too sure :') Hopefully it'll arrive in time or else I'll loan a wig from a friend :')