Thursday, May 10, 2012

Tampere Kuplii

So, last weekend there was Tampere Kuplii and what can I say?
It was even smaller than Chibicon :'D
I had pretty nice time though, it was fun to meet friends after some time and there was some programs that we wanted to go see, but everytime when we looked at the time it was already too late x'D So we didn't see any programs!! :O

It was small, as I already told you and I guess it is better if you are interested more into western/finnish comics :) But at least I had some fun! :)

We ended up in a photo with one bride that was having a bachelor party :')
Her friend came to us and told about the party and about the fact that the bride would like a photo with us :')
So we agreed to it :'D

Look at our smiles! :'D Awkward or something? :D
Btw, this was my second time that I ended in a photo like this :'D
Last time was at Finncon-Animecon 2009 when I was cosplaying Bo Peep :')

But yeah.. Because of the smallness of the event there was not much for us to see and do, but we did have a photoshoot at Siperia! :) There was so many derp photos that it's a miracle that I even found this many okay photos :'D But here you go, enjoy~ :)

© Ninnu
This was the only shot of us two together that was good enough to be published :'D
I guess we're in need of new photoshoot :')
© Ninnu
© Ninnu
© Ninnu
© me
© me
And here you have something new from me! :D I made you a video, as I told you in the last post, so here you go! :)
Hopefully you'll enjoy it! ;)

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