Tuesday, May 1, 2012

"Magnet" Luka & Miku

Another post about mine and Lily's Tampere Kuplii cosplays! :) As you might remember we're going to cosplay Magnet-versions of Megurine Luka (me) and Hatsune Miku (Lily) :)

I was really lazy and didn't take almost any wip photos and that's why there's not much of those to share with you, so I decided not to share any of those with you, but these photos, where we're wearing the outfits :) My Luka-costume is still unfinished, but that doesn't matter, right? :)

So yeah, let's start with my costume :) Because Lily is mostly using my old stuff I had to get fabrics and materials similar to those old materials.. My fabric is heavier than hers, but the shine is almost the same (yes, I said it - SHINE) so they go pretty well together :) It was also pretty nice to do this kind of a dress, because it was my first time! :) I normally tend to cosplay characters with short skirts and so on (with some exceptions).. :') I still have to add two bows to the dress and cut bangs to my wig, but that's pretty much it :)

I nicely censored my face with my camera, don't you think? :)
Some might wonder why I made the skirt so long.
And well, because I think Luka is way more mature than Miku so I think she would have a maxi-dress or something like one.. So that's my reason.. No short fluffy dresses for her! :)

Here you can also see my shoes, just basic black pumps :)
And then to the Miku-costume :)
What's different compared to 2010? Well, firstly it's who's in the costume. I had to change it a little so it would fit better for Lily :) So the dress is still same as is the hat, I just changed the lace for it :)
Also, the butterfly wings are brand new, made out of clear plastic and pinkish sticky baked plastic (for Luka I used the same materials, but the colors were blue and green to get the turquoise color :) ) and the black material is soft foam :) I also painted the headphones again and made those antennas again :) Also the belt is new :)

Shoe choice is more of a "little girl"-type than with my Luka
We both still need black stockings, but those are easy to get :)
We can't wait 'till Tampere Kuplii and get to use these costumes!

Btw, is any of my readers coming? :) And if you are what are your cosplay plans? :)

Oh, and I have one surprise for you! When I get 50 readers/50 000 pageviews/my blog turns 2 y-o, I'll publish one video that I've made out of old convention videos that I and some of my friends have recorded since Finncon-Animecon 2007 ;) So wait for it~


  1. oooh! it's so refreshing to see Magnet Luka with a long dress. very elegant. :)

    1. I think so too! :) I don't think that I've seen anyone to do this dress this long, other than me :') Thank you<3 :)