Thursday, May 10, 2012

Desucon in my mind

Just one month and it's time for Desucon and I still have to make two new costumes and possibly help my sister with hers.. Also I'm helping Lily with hers, so there's a lot to do and -oh- so little time :')
And I still have to get my ticket (if it won't arrive during this week I'm going to contact them, but 'till then~) but because I have paid for it and gotten this confirmation of my payment all I can do is focus on the costumes at the moment and wait..

My plans have changed a lot from last time, I guess Giselle has been on my list for sometime now, but Marie Mjölnir is new on my list :3  She's from Soul Eater and there's a huge group on Saturday :) At the moment there's at least 13 of us :3

Got to say that her outfit is pretty easy, so that's why I want to make her hammer too :3
What's a death scythe without it's weapon? :'D And yes, she is the weapon, but you know what I mean, right ;D So it's not that important, but I just feel like doing it :')
I already have a wig for this costume and also the shoes will be the same ones that I used in my Meiko & Mikuru :) But I'll wear them a little differently though :)

The wig, I think that it's pretty good :3
And then there's Sunday.. And my cosplay will be Giselle from Enchanted :)

Disney again? :D It's been three years since my Bo cosplay, so I think it's okay to cosplay another Disney beauty :3 Plus my sister will be cosplaying Alice (Disney's cartoon), so we're having a pair cosplay, I guess :')
For this costume all I have is just the wig, but I'll start making those flower petals on her hair soon :) I already know how I'll work them out so all I need is the materials! :)

Long orange wig, I'm going to have so much fun keeping this nice on Sunday :'D
I still haven't decided what to cosplay on Friday, so it's still open for me, though I have some plans, for example Jessica Hamby or "Poker face" Megurine Luka :) But we'll see, I'll do those two costumes first and then I'll see if I'll have the time to make third cosplay to take with me or not :)

I also wanted to share you my sisters costume :)
As I told, she's going to cosplay Alice from Alice In Wonderland~

Sweet, young and innocent Alice, I think that my sister suits this character pretty well :)

And we had a little wig test with her too :)
We have made that headband a long time ago and finally she got a wig too :')

But that's all for now, I'll start making the costumes asap and I'll try my best to take some wip photos and then post about how it's going with them :)

Also, I've already made a post about Tampere Kuplii, but because of some technical reasons (I made a viddie for you~) I can't post it yet, but it'll happen before weekend, I'm sure of it! :)


  1. Omg Giselle :D Itekkin oon tulossa Desuun, mutta en kyll cossaa mitään.. Mulla on kyllä 2 cossia tiedossa, muta ne toteutuu vasta myöhemmin.
    Ja siellä on kamala ruuhka, mun oma lippu tuli..3 viikon? kuluttua maksusta.

    1. Giselle<3 :3
      Itselle nämä tulevat olemaan 5 ja 6 cossit jo tälle vuodelle :'D huhhuh, viime vuonna sain tehtyä vain 3 ja nyt olen jo ylittänyt sen :')
      Uu, laitatko sitten johonkin omista blogeistasi kuvia? :)
      No joo, itse ehdin jo panikoida, mutta oli kivaa tulla kotiin ja kappas! Lippu olikin jo tullut :'D

  2. Do you have patterns for the Alice cosplay? Or did u buy it? c:
    And if you have patterns, can you send me a copy? :D

  3. Well, we are making the costume ourselves and we are actually doing the patterns by ourselves too :') And we use some ready patterns, we just modify those for this..
    So.. I believe that you don't even need my help, b/c this dress is such a simple one :D