Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Desucon - Costume update #1

Time for the first update post of my Desucon costumes~
So, I started making my Giselle cosplay! Last week I decided to try one technique to the flower petals in her hair, old stuff that I learned in school (that doesn't sound too good x'D), all you need is:

- glue
- water
- steel wire
- silk paper

So there's my materials. How you use these is: make the shape out of steel wire and use glue&water mixture to the silk paper as you wrap it around the steel wire :) Pretty simple thing, but if anyone wants I can make a tutorial of how it's done :)

Here's few petals that are ready~

Those are pretty hard after they're done :) I'll show you more later on, just have to do some more petals etc before that :)

Last weekend I went to countryside, to relax a little and to make my costumes :D I had planned to start with Marie Mjölnir, but because Eurokangas didn't have any of the fabrics I wanted to use in my costume I ended up buying some fabrics to my Giselle and ended up starting her dress.. 
Btw, I just loved how warm it was and quiet! Sometimes a car went by but most of the time I could hear the birds sing :3 It was lovely~

Just had to share the window views with you :)

There's my fabrics, pink is the main color and the white one is just for lining :)
Oh, I also had 2 sewing machines! :D So I could just have pink thread in another and white in the second one :D It was nice that I just had to hop between two sewing machines and not change the thread at all x'D

There's the top..
And in the picture under there's what my dress looks like now :)

I do like it, it just has some things left to do..
But it does bother me how much it looks like the gowns ppl have here in Finland when they have "Wanhojen tanssit" aka our prom :'D Hopefully it'll look like it should after it's finished :'D

And yesterday I spent most of my time with another costume. Costume for Lily!
She's in our Soul Eater group too and her character is Elizabeth "Liz" Thompson~

So, she got me all the materials ready and there was not much for me to actually do, because Lily uses her old jeans and bought the top and necktie from eBay.. And I must say, she saved a lot of money this way :'D
 But here's what I did:

For the jeans I made the white stripes and attached those to the right places..
And then the necktie got a lot shorter :'D

And then there's the top.. We modeled the length on Lily the other day and all I had to do was cut it and then do an elastic band lane and it was ready :) So yeah, there's an elastic band so that it will stay tight..

And then I made her 4 bracelets, I used my old Medusa bracelets for this (I never cosplayed her though) and added another layer of silver paint :)

And now that I'm at it: here's her shoes and wig~

Shoes belongs to Ninnu (I think that the shoes are perfect!) and the wig is a little lighter than it should be but.. We'll see if I'll do something about it or not :D
So all she's missing is the hat.. I'll do that too, but before I can start it I need to go to Helsinki, to buy a hat that I can use as a base :) I don't know how to make stetsons :'D

I've been helping my sister with her Alice cosplay too, but I'll write about that later on.. and hopefully I'll have my Giselle cosplay finished during this week ;D



  1. Oih Liz näyttää oikein hyvältä jo nyt! '---'

    1. I know, right? :3
      Tuli tosta toppi&kraka yhdistelmästä itselle ihan hymy eilen :'D Saas nähdä koska päästään Lilyn päällä tuo näkemään, viimesitään conissa, mutta olisihan tuota hyvä kokeilla ennenkin :'D Samat matskun on muuten lähtenyt myös Hachin suuntaan~ (siis paita&kraka)

  2. Oi! Jos näet sellasta hattua niin ilmoittele ! Otan ehdottomasti sit kans itekki (ai jos oot jossain tietyssä kaupassa, niin sano mikä kauppa ja katon josko treeltä löytyis kans! :D

    1. Haen sille hatulle "pohjan" punanaamiosta :D sen minkä linkkasin sulle ja Lilylle facessa :D mutta jos haluat niin voin kyllä muokkailla sullekkin sen hatun, niin tulis ainakin kaksi samanlaista :D

  3. Just tajusin et mä en varmaa syö conii edeltävänä viikkona mitää :'D En muute pysty olla tollasel paidal julkisesti :DD

    1. haha, joka päivä aamuin-illoin vatsalihasliikkeitä ja käyt vähän juoksemassa niin kyllä se siitä ;D