Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Desucon - Costume update #2

So, first of all, there's been a little change in plans!
I'm still going to Desucon, but I will be there only for Friday and Saturday because I have to go to Rovaniemi to this entrance exam. So I won't be cosplaying Giselle at convention, but because I have all the materials and it's almost done I'll use it at some other convention :)
So what I will cosplay is Marie Mjölnir (at Saturday) and I'll do one cosplay for Friday too, but it's still a secret and at the end of this post there's a hint of it :')

So, I'll been wonrking on Lily's cosplay. As I told you earlier, she's cosplaying Liz Thompson.
I finised the hat yesterday so her costume is 100% ready. Yay!

I didn't take any serious wip-photos so enjoy these derp-photos instead!

And today she came to my place to try her costume on and she took it with her :) Here's what it looks like on her~ :3

I think it suits her :3

And just because I haven't even started to do Marie here's a wip photo of Giselle, even though I won't be cosplaying her.. The costume is only missing the sleeve parts and belt + some of the flowers she has in her hair..

And here comes the hint about my Friday cosplay!!!!!!

It's the eyeshadow! Can you guess who wears eyeshadow of this color?
If not, too bad, I'll add another hint after I've started to make the costume! :)

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Desucon - Costume update #1

Time for the first update post of my Desucon costumes~
So, I started making my Giselle cosplay! Last week I decided to try one technique to the flower petals in her hair, old stuff that I learned in school (that doesn't sound too good x'D), all you need is:

- glue
- water
- steel wire
- silk paper

So there's my materials. How you use these is: make the shape out of steel wire and use glue&water mixture to the silk paper as you wrap it around the steel wire :) Pretty simple thing, but if anyone wants I can make a tutorial of how it's done :)

Here's few petals that are ready~

Those are pretty hard after they're done :) I'll show you more later on, just have to do some more petals etc before that :)

Last weekend I went to countryside, to relax a little and to make my costumes :D I had planned to start with Marie Mjölnir, but because Eurokangas didn't have any of the fabrics I wanted to use in my costume I ended up buying some fabrics to my Giselle and ended up starting her dress.. 
Btw, I just loved how warm it was and quiet! Sometimes a car went by but most of the time I could hear the birds sing :3 It was lovely~

Just had to share the window views with you :)

There's my fabrics, pink is the main color and the white one is just for lining :)
Oh, I also had 2 sewing machines! :D So I could just have pink thread in another and white in the second one :D It was nice that I just had to hop between two sewing machines and not change the thread at all x'D

There's the top..
And in the picture under there's what my dress looks like now :)

I do like it, it just has some things left to do..
But it does bother me how much it looks like the gowns ppl have here in Finland when they have "Wanhojen tanssit" aka our prom :'D Hopefully it'll look like it should after it's finished :'D

And yesterday I spent most of my time with another costume. Costume for Lily!
She's in our Soul Eater group too and her character is Elizabeth "Liz" Thompson~

So, she got me all the materials ready and there was not much for me to actually do, because Lily uses her old jeans and bought the top and necktie from eBay.. And I must say, she saved a lot of money this way :'D
 But here's what I did:

For the jeans I made the white stripes and attached those to the right places..
And then the necktie got a lot shorter :'D

And then there's the top.. We modeled the length on Lily the other day and all I had to do was cut it and then do an elastic band lane and it was ready :) So yeah, there's an elastic band so that it will stay tight..

And then I made her 4 bracelets, I used my old Medusa bracelets for this (I never cosplayed her though) and added another layer of silver paint :)

And now that I'm at it: here's her shoes and wig~

Shoes belongs to Ninnu (I think that the shoes are perfect!) and the wig is a little lighter than it should be but.. We'll see if I'll do something about it or not :D
So all she's missing is the hat.. I'll do that too, but before I can start it I need to go to Helsinki, to buy a hat that I can use as a base :) I don't know how to make stetsons :'D

I've been helping my sister with her Alice cosplay too, but I'll write about that later on.. and hopefully I'll have my Giselle cosplay finished during this week ;D


Thursday, May 10, 2012

Tampere Kuplii

So, last weekend there was Tampere Kuplii and what can I say?
It was even smaller than Chibicon :'D
I had pretty nice time though, it was fun to meet friends after some time and there was some programs that we wanted to go see, but everytime when we looked at the time it was already too late x'D So we didn't see any programs!! :O

It was small, as I already told you and I guess it is better if you are interested more into western/finnish comics :) But at least I had some fun! :)

We ended up in a photo with one bride that was having a bachelor party :')
Her friend came to us and told about the party and about the fact that the bride would like a photo with us :')
So we agreed to it :'D

Look at our smiles! :'D Awkward or something? :D
Btw, this was my second time that I ended in a photo like this :'D
Last time was at Finncon-Animecon 2009 when I was cosplaying Bo Peep :')

But yeah.. Because of the smallness of the event there was not much for us to see and do, but we did have a photoshoot at Siperia! :) There was so many derp photos that it's a miracle that I even found this many okay photos :'D But here you go, enjoy~ :)

© Ninnu
This was the only shot of us two together that was good enough to be published :'D
I guess we're in need of new photoshoot :')
© Ninnu
© Ninnu
© Ninnu
© me
© me
And here you have something new from me! :D I made you a video, as I told you in the last post, so here you go! :)
Hopefully you'll enjoy it! ;)

Desucon in my mind

Just one month and it's time for Desucon and I still have to make two new costumes and possibly help my sister with hers.. Also I'm helping Lily with hers, so there's a lot to do and -oh- so little time :')
And I still have to get my ticket (if it won't arrive during this week I'm going to contact them, but 'till then~) but because I have paid for it and gotten this confirmation of my payment all I can do is focus on the costumes at the moment and wait..

My plans have changed a lot from last time, I guess Giselle has been on my list for sometime now, but Marie Mjölnir is new on my list :3  She's from Soul Eater and there's a huge group on Saturday :) At the moment there's at least 13 of us :3

Got to say that her outfit is pretty easy, so that's why I want to make her hammer too :3
What's a death scythe without it's weapon? :'D And yes, she is the weapon, but you know what I mean, right ;D So it's not that important, but I just feel like doing it :')
I already have a wig for this costume and also the shoes will be the same ones that I used in my Meiko & Mikuru :) But I'll wear them a little differently though :)

The wig, I think that it's pretty good :3
And then there's Sunday.. And my cosplay will be Giselle from Enchanted :)

Disney again? :D It's been three years since my Bo cosplay, so I think it's okay to cosplay another Disney beauty :3 Plus my sister will be cosplaying Alice (Disney's cartoon), so we're having a pair cosplay, I guess :')
For this costume all I have is just the wig, but I'll start making those flower petals on her hair soon :) I already know how I'll work them out so all I need is the materials! :)

Long orange wig, I'm going to have so much fun keeping this nice on Sunday :'D
I still haven't decided what to cosplay on Friday, so it's still open for me, though I have some plans, for example Jessica Hamby or "Poker face" Megurine Luka :) But we'll see, I'll do those two costumes first and then I'll see if I'll have the time to make third cosplay to take with me or not :)

I also wanted to share you my sisters costume :)
As I told, she's going to cosplay Alice from Alice In Wonderland~

Sweet, young and innocent Alice, I think that my sister suits this character pretty well :)

And we had a little wig test with her too :)
We have made that headband a long time ago and finally she got a wig too :')

But that's all for now, I'll start making the costumes asap and I'll try my best to take some wip photos and then post about how it's going with them :)

Also, I've already made a post about Tampere Kuplii, but because of some technical reasons (I made a viddie for you~) I can't post it yet, but it'll happen before weekend, I'm sure of it! :)

Tuesday, May 1, 2012

"Magnet" Luka & Miku

Another post about mine and Lily's Tampere Kuplii cosplays! :) As you might remember we're going to cosplay Magnet-versions of Megurine Luka (me) and Hatsune Miku (Lily) :)

I was really lazy and didn't take almost any wip photos and that's why there's not much of those to share with you, so I decided not to share any of those with you, but these photos, where we're wearing the outfits :) My Luka-costume is still unfinished, but that doesn't matter, right? :)

So yeah, let's start with my costume :) Because Lily is mostly using my old stuff I had to get fabrics and materials similar to those old materials.. My fabric is heavier than hers, but the shine is almost the same (yes, I said it - SHINE) so they go pretty well together :) It was also pretty nice to do this kind of a dress, because it was my first time! :) I normally tend to cosplay characters with short skirts and so on (with some exceptions).. :') I still have to add two bows to the dress and cut bangs to my wig, but that's pretty much it :)

I nicely censored my face with my camera, don't you think? :)
Some might wonder why I made the skirt so long.
And well, because I think Luka is way more mature than Miku so I think she would have a maxi-dress or something like one.. So that's my reason.. No short fluffy dresses for her! :)

Here you can also see my shoes, just basic black pumps :)
And then to the Miku-costume :)
What's different compared to 2010? Well, firstly it's who's in the costume. I had to change it a little so it would fit better for Lily :) So the dress is still same as is the hat, I just changed the lace for it :)
Also, the butterfly wings are brand new, made out of clear plastic and pinkish sticky baked plastic (for Luka I used the same materials, but the colors were blue and green to get the turquoise color :) ) and the black material is soft foam :) I also painted the headphones again and made those antennas again :) Also the belt is new :)

Shoe choice is more of a "little girl"-type than with my Luka
We both still need black stockings, but those are easy to get :)
We can't wait 'till Tampere Kuplii and get to use these costumes!

Btw, is any of my readers coming? :) And if you are what are your cosplay plans? :)

Oh, and I have one surprise for you! When I get 50 readers/50 000 pageviews/my blog turns 2 y-o, I'll publish one video that I've made out of old convention videos that I and some of my friends have recorded since Finncon-Animecon 2007 ;) So wait for it~