Sunday, April 8, 2012

When future cosplays makes you look back into the past

Let's start with the fact that there's been a change in my plans.. Really ppl, why you do this to me? ;;__;;
First: all of my Desucon costumes got cancelled, reason? Other ppl. Yuzuruha got cancelled because of lineartt had two groups at the same day so that's why we'll cosplay Yuzuruha and Kongiku at Närcon 2012.. And then our Kuro-group got cancelled because some personal things and because one needs more time to do her costume.. So we're having that group at Tracon.. But as you can see, I'll still be making those costumes this year, so it doesn't really matter to me :) So instead of Yuzuruha and Beast, I'll be cosplaying Giselle (pink dress, Enchanted) and Milly Ashford (school uniform, Code Geass).. But I guess I'll write about those costumes more in the future :)

So to the main theme today~
As you might know I'm going to Tampere Kuplii, and my plan was to cosplay "Mrs. Pumpkins Comical Dream" Hatsune Miku, but as you can guess, that got cancelled too, and that's just because there was something way more interesting for me to cosplay!
Back in the 2010 I went to my first Desucon and because of one entrance examination I was there for only one day.. And my costume was:

"Magnet" Hatsune Miku

So.. As I was going through my old cosplay photos at Facebook I noticed one link in one of the Magnet photos, I was curious what it was and it took me to the song "Magnet".. (As you might know, "Magnet" is a song sung by Hatsune Miku and Megurine Luka, it's a duet..) I started to listen it and before I noticed I had listened to it at least 10 times in a row.. Then it hit me: My friend is going to cosplay this version of Miku at Tampere Kuplii and she's shorter than me.. Why don't I cosplay Luka? So I sent her some messages about the thing and in the end I ended up buying a wig from eBay and I guess I'm going to cosplay Luka.. :')

So yeah, I'm making the costumes for both of us, because my friend is going to use my old cosplay :)
I have to do some parts again, but most of the costume can be used again :)

I started with to do the earphone wings for her costume, because my old wings were so.. bad :D That's the only word I could think of to describe them :')
What makes them bad is that I used silk paper and cardboard as my materials for them.

Before I show you any new progress photos, here's some old photos from 2010:

I guess you can all see that the materials that I had used wasn't really so good? And the lovely weather of Desucon wasn't any good for them either..

So, this time I'm making these wings way differently! Even the pattern is different, because last time I made the pattern fully by myself, but this time I just printed a ready pattern (lazy me, I guess), the wings are going to be smaller this time and the wings have a little more details too..

This time the pink parts are made of some clear plastic sheets and light red sticky-backed plastic :)

And the black part is made out of soft foam :)

I'm pretty happy about how these new wings look, even though those aren't ready yet.. And I still have to make turquoise ones for my own cosplay but I think I can manage..
One thing that I really like is that this time the wings will keep the shape and won't go all shapeless or fold like the old ones..

What makes me really happy at the moment is that I can see how much I've developed during these two years and how I know more ways to do things :)

But that was that and hopefully I'll entertain you more with more "work in progress"-photos in the near future! :D


  1. Cool costume! But when will your dollshoes return? ^^

    1. Thanks! :)
      Well, I'll try my best to do a post about my Doll costume, as you wished :)