Thursday, March 15, 2012

Mundane March

So, it's been really quiet here after Chibicon, and I noticed that I haven't really listed any of my cosplay for this year here, so this post is about my plans for this year :)

You might remember how I showed this to you before Desucon Frostbite 2012? :)

The ones with X has been cosplayed :)

So.. There wasn't that many cosplays on my list and those are pretty easy too, but.. Now there's been some changes, my secret cosplay will be cosplayed but not this year, I changed my plans and I will cosplay her next year :) Beast is still up, because we have a Noah's Ark Circus-group at Desucon 2012 (Sunday) and the costume is ready so why would I change it? And.. I changed Galaxia into Yuzuruha, about that character later on.. Nurse Joy is still up too, but I'm not sure anymore because of my other plans for Tracon 2012, and then there's the fact that our Poké-group hasn't decide on which day our group is at.. And one character from my "maybe"-list will be cosplayed too, to see who read the rest of this post too ;D

So, the next characters I will cosplay (these are pretty much in the order that I will make them) are:
"Mrs. Pumpkin's Comical Dream" Hatsune Miku

I decided this character just because of her hair.. I will be getting a wig (pumpkin orange with 2 long pigtails) that is almost like that and I will destroy it for another character later on, and I thought that it would be nice to wear the wig like it is before it, so I'll do this.. :D Now I understand what pumpkin meant when she said that Vocaloids are easy to cosplay! :'D But yeah, you'll see me cosplaying her at Tampere Kuplii 2012~

Nobara Yukinokouji ~ Inu x Boku SS

This character came almost from nowhere, but the story goes like this:
My friends cosplayed from this anime and they got me interested in this series too, so I started watching the anime and I've also read the manga (well, as much as there is for now..) and then I got this idea that I would like to cosplay from that serie too! So because I'm not into crossplay I ended up with Nobara (one reason is because she's oldest female character from the three main females).. :'D She's a pretty funny character and normally I don't cosplay characters like she so it's something new for me :) You'll see me cosplaying her at Desucon 2012 (Friday)~ And hopefully we'll have a full Inu x Boku SS group then :D

Yuzuruha ~ Muramasa: The Demon Blade

Yuzuruha is a character that at first was decided because of my body-type (I have a wide pelvis) but I do like the character otherwise too~ For example, I love how Yuzuruha plays cupid for Kisuke after he and Torahime has been reborn and lost their memories~ :3 Eventhough she's just a sidecharacter with not that much screentime I wanted to cosplay her and I also got lineartt to cosplay Kongiku (she's a fox deity too, just like Yuzuruha)~ I will cosplay her at Desucon 2012 (Saturday) :)

Thumbelina ~ Thumbelina

This is the one character who got off from my "maybe"-list ;) I decided that if I want to cosplay her (I've been thinking over and over again if I should cosplay her or not) I should do it! So that got me into deciding that I will do it and because I have planned that I will go to Sweden (Närcon 2012) this year and it was hard for me to decide wich cosplay to take with me so I decided to make one new for that convention~ :) And I will use this here in Finland too sometime, but when and where is still pretty much open :)

Gwendolyn ~ Odin sphere

Well, I like Griselda way more than Gwendolyn, even though you don't get to play as Griselda and she was in my plans for this year way before Gwendolyn, but when lineartt said that she would cosplay Velvet from the same game I decided to change my plans, so it was goodbye to Griselda and hello to Gwendolyn! :) And we got some other cosplayers to join our little group too~ At this moment we have Queen Elfaria (Mollamaija will cosplay her) and Alice (my sister said she would like to cosplay her) too~ So this group will make it's debut at Tracon 2012 (Saturday), but I'm pretty sure that at least I will cosplay Gwendolyn again sometime :) Oh yeah, and if you would like to join our group leave a comment or e-mail me~ :)

So that's about it, all my plans for this year has now been published! :)
I don't know if you have noticed a little change here in my blog~
I've added some pages! :D all the links can be found from the sidebar, and there "Home", "Yours Truly" = a little about me, "Completed Costumes" = all the cosplays I've ever worn or made! Even my first cosplay is up there, oh god :'D and then I also added a page about my Future Plans, from there you can find this list and also other costumes that I plan to make in the future~ :)

Hopefully I'll be able to post something nice for you to read soon~ At least there's some posts in my mind and one of my readers asked for a post about my Doll costume, so I guess I'll at least do that :D If not in this month then in the next one! :D

What are your plans for this year or are you keeping them as a secret? :D I'm curious so tell me ;D

ps. Thank you for over 40 000 views<3 :3


  1. Inu X Boku on Friday? :D It's so nice for you to let me know it like this ;DD

    1. OMG, I'm sooooo sorry!!! :( I've been forgetting too much stuff lately! :( Is Friday okay with you? :/

  2. "What are your plans for this year or are you keeping them as a secret? :D I'm curious so tell me ;D"

    Hikari Kamijô from Hikari no Densetsu is on my list. ^^