Thursday, February 23, 2012


I thought that it's time to talk about my next costume, 'cause Chibicon is almost here~
So, as you might guess from the title, this has something to do with matryoshkas, but no, I don't mean that russian doll this time ;D I mean the song "Matryoshka" that is sung by Gumi and Miku.. :)
If you don't know the song, watch this viddie~ :)

I've always liked this song a lot, but never really cared to cosplay Gumi or Miku.. and ofc, the other Vocaloids has their own designs, but I've never run into a nice one.. Before now that is.. :)

Matryoshka Meiko
There's couple of things that made me choose this character..
One thing is that I really like this simple design, another thing is that I have most of the things I need (shoes, shorts, wig, pattern ready for the shirt part..).. :D
I have bought some leather that I will use for the eramuff-thingie and also some college for the shirt :)
I guess I need to learn how to knit once again (haven't done any knitted works by myself in years!).. :S
Because the welt looks like that in my eyes.. :/

And for my delight lineartt (from Team Elric) is going to cosplay Gumi, so it's a pair cosplay, yay~ :D

But I ended up asking my grandma do those wests, because I'm so sloooow, I haven't knitted anything since 7th grade, lol :')

So at this moment my costume is almost done, all that is missing are those welts~
So here you have some photos of the things that are ready etc :)

I didn't notice that Choco was there too :'D

Lol, it looks weird :'D and as you can see, the wests are missing :(

And ofc, I have the wig, black shorts, white leggings (no way I'm gonna paint my legs white and drive from Porvoo to Helsinki like that!), face paint, etc, so I'm pretty much done atm, so I can take it pretty easy :)
Is anyone else going to Chibicon?
If you are feel free to come and say hi~ :3

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