Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Chibicon @ Helsinki 25.2.2012

As the title tells you, I went to Chibicon (the one they had at Helsinki) and what can I say?
I had fun.. It was so amazing to see my friends and talk with them, but I don't know what I think of the convention itself..

© lineartt
It was pretty fun from time to time and because of the place you got to see most of the program even if you didn't plan to go and see it, so I saw all kinds of things (for example, random FFFight, Cosplay-date, and some shounen stuff too) that I don't usually go watch in other conventions..

lineartt as Gumi, photo © Mollamaija
There wasn't much, as the name of the convention says, it's Chibicon and well.. It was small.. :')
I did have too high expectations but I guess I didn't get too disappointed :D
We did take pretty much photos there too, but I will have a photoshoot with my sister as soon as I get a good white face paint :') 

Here's some of the peeps that I spent most of my time with:

lineartt, Cloudaaja and Ninnu
And then there was also other ppl, but I don't have a good photo of them, too bad :')
But you know.. The most fun event was that random FFFight that they had, because we made one of our friends to take part in it :') Oh, and yesterday he said that he's still sad about it, poor RoXas_ :'(

RoXas_ @ stage! He got to choose his opponent!! :D

So yeah..
That was about what my Chibicon was all about..
We did end up to one viddie with lineartt, but it hasn't been uploaded to YouTube yet, so I'll link it here later on.. If my part is in the viddie, because I feel like I failed it x'D
Now the viddie is there, so if you want to see it (they did use my part too, and well, I did fail, because I started talking about other stuff and they were still recording the viddie x'D)
Watch that viddie HERE!

© lineartt
I don't know if I would go to a small convention like this ever again, I guess it depends on that if any of my friends are going too..
But yeah, I enjoy the bigger conventions way more, and maybe all of you can guess why?
It just wasn't for me..

© Mollamaija
But thanks to this convention now I feel like doing another cosplay!
To be honest, I have 2 cosplays on my list before Desucon, and for Desucon I have my own plans already and I'll keep my plans for the summer..
I may be going to Tre Kuplii in May, but I'm not sure yet.. :)

And I guess you might wonder if I did take any photos there? I did!
But after Frostbite, I decided to leave photos of others to minimal and add most of the photos to my other blogg, yes, I have another blog under a different account, it's called Kifia Photography!
Ofc there's photos from other photoshoots (non-cosplay and some nature pics, etc) too, as you can expect :)

But here's two photos that I took of Cloudaaja and lineartt!  

Cloudaaja as Noctis
lineartt as Matryoshka Gumi
But to see more photos go to my other blog, I haven't gone through all the photos so I'm not sure when I'm gonna post them there, but hopefully that will happen during this week! :)

See you soon~ :D



  1. oot vaa liian söpö. Mä oon iha älyttömän kateelline....... :<

    1. Aww, kiitos :'D Ja ihan turhaan!! :')