Thursday, January 12, 2012

Desucon Frostbite - Final costume update

Yesterday happened something really.. Amazing..
Guess what that might be?
Well, all the costumes that had something left to do got finished!
So it's time for the last costume update before Desucon Frostbite!

My second cosplay, Chikaru Minamoto, was missing skirt and bows after last update and now those have been done, haha :D Here's the reference once more, if you have forgotten what the character looks like..

And here's the last photo of my costume, in this photo there's still some things missing (underskirt and bows) but as I already told, all of those has been done already~

This is my first schoolgirl cosplay and.. Not last, but almost :'D I don't think that pleated skirts suit me, so we'll see if I'll ever wear one after this convention :')

And I made one costume for Lily too, her character is also from Strawberry Panic! and it's Hikari Konohana :)

Here's a wip photo, still missing some small details here~

And then the finished costume~

Lily didn't like to be photographed, but I wanted to do a test of what the whole costume looks like on her, etc :)

And then I also worked together on my sisters costume, her character is Kizuna Hyuuga~

As you already have seen, we have styled the wig..

And here you can see the finished shirt and vest~

We have also made the skirt and socks, but because I wasn't feeling that well, we didn't take any photos of the ready costume..

But that's it folks!
Btw, I'm wearing my Chikaru costume on Saturday from morning to about 5-6 pm and After that I'm wearing my Jessica costume~ :)
And on Sunday I'm just me :') With a wig and camera~
Oh, and if there's someone who would like to have a small photoshoot with me as photographer on Sunday just say so~ :D I would love to have some shoots with ppl :)

Hopefully I'll see you all at Desucon Frostbite~ :)


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