Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Desucon Frostbite 2012 - Photoshooting all day #02

Here comes the part two of the photos that I took at Desucon Frostbite!
This will also be last post about Frostbite, so next post will be about.. something :D I have a lot in my mind, but I don't know where to start, haha!

So.. This time there's some photos from Sunday and also some from Saturday, because when I had the groups I also took a lot of photos (and after the convention one member said that I should have given the camera to someone else and be photographed more myself..)..
But, I enjoy to be behind the camera too.. And I did get some ok photos (so gonna have another shoot in here, Porvoo..) :)
But back to these photoshoots.. :)
I'll just start showing photos and write some text there too, if I have something to comment :D 

Lily as Full Moon
cheesepuffster as Izumi Rio (Full Moon wo Sagashite)
Full Moon costume belongs to Ninnu!

This photoshoot was so much fun!
Lily and cheesepuffster was goofying around a lot and we got some nice herpderp photos, haha xD
But at the same time it was a little irritating, buuut.. I still had a lot of fun :)
First we took some photos inside, but soon we decided to head outside and ofc I didn't even take my jacket..
In the middle of our shoot outside I started to lose the feeling of my fingers and in the end I couldn't feel them at all, still I was able to take some nice photos after all xD

Ninnu as Karina Lyle (Tiger and Bunny)

I didn't expect to be taking any photos of Ninnu, because she had her T&B-group that day and they had been photoshooting together, so it came really out of blue to me when she asked if I could take some photos of her! But of course it was a pleasant surprise and soon we headed to the balconies and took some photos there! :)
Some of our friends decided to practise narutarding while we were photoshooting, and yes, it did bother us a little but happily we got some pretty neat photos :)

Ilona as Pamela Ravenscroft
Ane-ue as Sookie Stackhouse (True Blood)

Here's some photos from Saturday evening, I was also part of this group, but I decided to only add here those photos that I took! :) I and Ane-ue changed into our True Bloof costumes around 6pm and went to the balcony to take some photos, there was these really neat lights that I just simply adored! :) And around 9.30pm Ilona joined our group and we went to take some photos of all three of us~ :) But here's the photos I took of those two :)

Strawberry Panic!

Attending Miator:
Ane-ue as Shizumasa Hanazono
ShadowCollector as Tamao Suzumi

Attending Spica:
Lily as Hikari Konohana
HachiKo as Tsubomi Okuwaka

Attending Lulim:
me as Chikaru Minamoto
ElyonToWendy as Kizuna Hyuga
Ninnu as Remon Natsume

First I thought that I would not and any photos that I'm in, because I haven't been the photographer of those photos, but.. I didn't add any group photos in my post about Frostbite and well.. These are photos of the whole group and I was also part of it so.. Why not? (Still I didn't add any True Blood photos where I were)
I'll credit the photographer of those photos in the caption :)

So, at first we were supposed to have all the most important 4 girls of each school (=12 characters) but in the end 5 didn't make it, so we weren't full group, but.. We still had pretty big SP! group and of course that means there will be a lot of photos :S and yeah, there really is a lot of those, but I tried my best to take only some of the photos~ (I can assure you, there's a lot of good stuff on my laptop left besides just these, haha)

Our group, all in one photo, yay~
© Maria Vidbäck

© Maria Vidbäck (retouch by me)

And that's it!
Hopefully you all enjoyed these photos :)
And again, if any of the cosplayers want the retouched photos to themselves just leave a comment or mail me~ :)

And as I told in the beginning next time I'll post about something different, will it be about my next cosplays or something else? To see that you got to "stay tuned"! ;D



  1. Ei vitsi tuli mielee että cosplay nuorentaa kyllä hyvin :D

  2. ooo love these photos! it must have been so cold in the snow!

    1. Thanks~ :D
      Yeah it was pretty cold, but I didn't even get sick, haha :')
      Did you see part 1? There's more photos~