Thursday, January 19, 2012

Desucon Frostbite 2012 - Photoshooting all day #01

First of all, about the title..
I didn't have photoshoot all day long, just almost :'D
And as this is marked as #01 you can already guess that there's going to be #02, too?
Well, I have so much to show you, so I didn't really feel like putting all the photos into one post, so I'm gonna split the photoshoots into two parts :)

At this convention I had the most mini-shoots (most of them lasted for about 10-30 minutes..) I've ever had, it was fun, but the only thing that irritates me is some ppl that keep on asking over and over again for photos, even if I've told them I'm trying to put them available for them as soon as possible..
Don't you people know how to be patient? :O
Well, it doesn't matter, only one shoot is left to pack and upload to dropbox, after that everyone has gotten they're photos :')

Well, then to some camera and photoshop facts:
My camera is Nikon D 7000 with Tamron lens (18-270mm, F/3.5-6.3) and I use Jasc Paint Shop Pro atm for retouching photos (because my photoshop is on the other computer :( )..
And how much do I retouch my photos?
It depends.
Most common things I do for the pictures is checking brightness and contrast and play a little with curves, levels, hue and saturation.. But sometimes I get more into it and do more, like adding some texture to the photo or trying to add a new background..
I'm no pro and I still got a lot of things to learn when it comes to photoshopping, but those are my basic things.. :)
If someone sometime want to see/hear more comment about it and maybe I'll do a tutorial or something :'D

Gotta say that I enjoyed to be the photographer, it's been like.. Two months since my last good photoshoot :)
And with some ppl I even went outside (and was too lazy to take my jacket from the cloakroom..) and yes, I almost froze to death (at least that almost happened with the last photoshoot I had, I couldn't even feel my fingers half the photoshoot xD).. :')

But I guess now it's time for the photos!
ps. All the costumes are made by the cosplayers (if not mentioned otherwise) and photography&retouch has been made by me :) Just had to mention it ;)

YumiKoyuki as Mercedes (Odin Sphere)

RoXas_ as Machina Kunagiri (Final Fantasy Type-0)

Lineartt as Fem!Barnaby (Tiger & Bunny)
Costume is handmade by Mollamaija

Date as Rin Okumura (Ao no Exorcist)

SSHIGERUU as  Black☆Star &
Itsumo as Tsubaki (Soul Eater)

Hopefuuly you enjoyed watching these photos~
In next post I'll talk about my own cosplays, so see ya soon~ :)


ps. All the cosplayers in the photos!!
If you want any of these retouched photos comment or mail me or something~ I'll be glad to send photos to you :)

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