Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Desucon Frostbite 2012 - Photoshooting all day #02

Here comes the part two of the photos that I took at Desucon Frostbite!
This will also be last post about Frostbite, so next post will be about.. something :D I have a lot in my mind, but I don't know where to start, haha!

So.. This time there's some photos from Sunday and also some from Saturday, because when I had the groups I also took a lot of photos (and after the convention one member said that I should have given the camera to someone else and be photographed more myself..)..
But, I enjoy to be behind the camera too.. And I did get some ok photos (so gonna have another shoot in here, Porvoo..) :)
But back to these photoshoots.. :)
I'll just start showing photos and write some text there too, if I have something to comment :D 

Lily as Full Moon
cheesepuffster as Izumi Rio (Full Moon wo Sagashite)
Full Moon costume belongs to Ninnu!

This photoshoot was so much fun!
Lily and cheesepuffster was goofying around a lot and we got some nice herpderp photos, haha xD
But at the same time it was a little irritating, buuut.. I still had a lot of fun :)
First we took some photos inside, but soon we decided to head outside and ofc I didn't even take my jacket..
In the middle of our shoot outside I started to lose the feeling of my fingers and in the end I couldn't feel them at all, still I was able to take some nice photos after all xD

Ninnu as Karina Lyle (Tiger and Bunny)

I didn't expect to be taking any photos of Ninnu, because she had her T&B-group that day and they had been photoshooting together, so it came really out of blue to me when she asked if I could take some photos of her! But of course it was a pleasant surprise and soon we headed to the balconies and took some photos there! :)
Some of our friends decided to practise narutarding while we were photoshooting, and yes, it did bother us a little but happily we got some pretty neat photos :)

Ilona as Pamela Ravenscroft
Ane-ue as Sookie Stackhouse (True Blood)

Here's some photos from Saturday evening, I was also part of this group, but I decided to only add here those photos that I took! :) I and Ane-ue changed into our True Bloof costumes around 6pm and went to the balcony to take some photos, there was these really neat lights that I just simply adored! :) And around 9.30pm Ilona joined our group and we went to take some photos of all three of us~ :) But here's the photos I took of those two :)

Strawberry Panic!

Attending Miator:
Ane-ue as Shizumasa Hanazono
ShadowCollector as Tamao Suzumi

Attending Spica:
Lily as Hikari Konohana
HachiKo as Tsubomi Okuwaka

Attending Lulim:
me as Chikaru Minamoto
ElyonToWendy as Kizuna Hyuga
Ninnu as Remon Natsume

First I thought that I would not and any photos that I'm in, because I haven't been the photographer of those photos, but.. I didn't add any group photos in my post about Frostbite and well.. These are photos of the whole group and I was also part of it so.. Why not? (Still I didn't add any True Blood photos where I were)
I'll credit the photographer of those photos in the caption :)

So, at first we were supposed to have all the most important 4 girls of each school (=12 characters) but in the end 5 didn't make it, so we weren't full group, but.. We still had pretty big SP! group and of course that means there will be a lot of photos :S and yeah, there really is a lot of those, but I tried my best to take only some of the photos~ (I can assure you, there's a lot of good stuff on my laptop left besides just these, haha)

Our group, all in one photo, yay~
© Maria Vidbäck

© Maria Vidbäck (retouch by me)

And that's it!
Hopefully you all enjoyed these photos :)
And again, if any of the cosplayers want the retouched photos to themselves just leave a comment or mail me~ :)

And as I told in the beginning next time I'll post about something different, will it be about my next cosplays or something else? To see that you got to "stay tuned"! ;D


Saturday, January 21, 2012

Desucon Frostbite 2012 - About my costumes

Okay, I decided to do a vlog about my costumes instead of adding photos and writing just text.. Trying something different, eh? :)

I won't go and start explaining for anything about my viddie, it is what it is and that's a fact you can't ignore :D
So go ahead and watch it~ :) If you have the courage ;)

For more photos of my costumes and of the other costumes (+more details), you can find in my old posts, that I wrote before Desucon Frostbite!

And I guess there's a lot of old stuff that I talked about, but whatever :'D

Next time you'll see the rest of the photoshoot photos and it will be my last post about Frostbite :)


ps. Team Elric made a music video about Frostbite, check it out :)

Thursday, January 19, 2012

Desucon Frostbite 2012 - Photoshooting all day #01

First of all, about the title..
I didn't have photoshoot all day long, just almost :'D
And as this is marked as #01 you can already guess that there's going to be #02, too?
Well, I have so much to show you, so I didn't really feel like putting all the photos into one post, so I'm gonna split the photoshoots into two parts :)

At this convention I had the most mini-shoots (most of them lasted for about 10-30 minutes..) I've ever had, it was fun, but the only thing that irritates me is some ppl that keep on asking over and over again for photos, even if I've told them I'm trying to put them available for them as soon as possible..
Don't you people know how to be patient? :O
Well, it doesn't matter, only one shoot is left to pack and upload to dropbox, after that everyone has gotten they're photos :')

Well, then to some camera and photoshop facts:
My camera is Nikon D 7000 with Tamron lens (18-270mm, F/3.5-6.3) and I use Jasc Paint Shop Pro atm for retouching photos (because my photoshop is on the other computer :( )..
And how much do I retouch my photos?
It depends.
Most common things I do for the pictures is checking brightness and contrast and play a little with curves, levels, hue and saturation.. But sometimes I get more into it and do more, like adding some texture to the photo or trying to add a new background..
I'm no pro and I still got a lot of things to learn when it comes to photoshopping, but those are my basic things.. :)
If someone sometime want to see/hear more comment about it and maybe I'll do a tutorial or something :'D

Gotta say that I enjoyed to be the photographer, it's been like.. Two months since my last good photoshoot :)
And with some ppl I even went outside (and was too lazy to take my jacket from the cloakroom..) and yes, I almost froze to death (at least that almost happened with the last photoshoot I had, I couldn't even feel my fingers half the photoshoot xD).. :')

But I guess now it's time for the photos!
ps. All the costumes are made by the cosplayers (if not mentioned otherwise) and photography&retouch has been made by me :) Just had to mention it ;)

YumiKoyuki as Mercedes (Odin Sphere)

RoXas_ as Machina Kunagiri (Final Fantasy Type-0)

Lineartt as Fem!Barnaby (Tiger & Bunny)
Costume is handmade by Mollamaija

Date as Rin Okumura (Ao no Exorcist)

SSHIGERUU as  Black☆Star &
Itsumo as Tsubaki (Soul Eater)

Hopefuuly you enjoyed watching these photos~
In next post I'll talk about my own cosplays, so see ya soon~ :)


ps. All the cosplayers in the photos!!
If you want any of these retouched photos comment or mail me or something~ I'll be glad to send photos to you :)

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Desucon Frostbite 2012 - First convention of the year

Last weekend I attended, as you already know if you read my blog, Desucon Frostbite!
It's been 4,5 months since last convention and I really needed this! :)
It was awesome that we finally got something to the winter time of the year too, because it's really tiring that there hasn't been anything "big" in the winter time before :(

I had some programs that I wanted to go check, buuut I failed at my attempt to attend any of those, hahah :'D 
Well, maybe next time? :')

So what did I do? Well, I met a lot of friends and ppl who I know, so it made my convention..
I also noticed the fact that finnish cosplayers are improving in they're skills to make costumes all the time, there was quite many costumes that caught my eye..
But then there was these kids too, that didn't know how to behave :'D Well, they will learn the proper way to act in the future, let's just give them some time :) 
Oh, and I met some of my readers there too! :) It was awesome to know that some ppl really do read this stuff that I write here every now and then :')

We also had this Strawberry Panic! group on Saturday and we did have some photoshoots etc :) Here's some photos of my Chikaru costume~

Yeah, it was a little cold.. :S

I liked to move around in this costume, it was easy and I didn't get hot or cold at all (indoors) :) But still I couldn't wait 'till our photoshoot with SP!-group was over and get to change into my Jessica Hamby cosplay! :)

So, we also had a small True Blood group there too, me and Ane-ue as Jessica & Sookie in Merlotte's uniform and Ilona as Pam :) See some photos~

All of us
Of course I also got my victims, muahahaha! Do you recognize who those two are? :D

Big question of the evening:
Which is scarier, Ilona as Pam (True Blood) or Monster from Amnesia: The Dark Descent? :D
See for yourself and tell me your opinion ;D
ps. so sorry Ilona! I couldn't resist! :') 

Ilona as Pam - - Monster from Amnesia

After the True Blood photoshoot we went to Ninnu's place so I didn't attend the evening party (well, I did see the start of it.. What I thought was "lame", because everyone were just standing there, but I don't know, because we left so early as I already told you..)

Sunday was a day or a more relaxed outfit, I was just me~
And this is what I looked like that day~

Trying to look fashionable? Yeah, right :')
My Sunday went by photographing! I had 6 small photoshoots, here's some photos of those (I'll write better entry about the photoshoots afterwards..)~

YumiKoyuki ~ Mercedes  | Lily ~ Full Moon
RoXaS_ ~ Machina Kunagiri | Ninnu ~ Karina Lyle 
I was pretty busy that day, and.. I was outside a lot! I'm amazed how I'm not sick yet.. :O
But I had a lot of fun! :) I love photography so I was doing the one thing that I really like (besides cosplay, ofc :D)~

And one thing I was doing all this weekend was.. Collecting photos of ppl's faces! :') 
And I also got some really "nice" video footage there, so I decided to add everything into one music video :')
Sadly it will take some time before it's ready, so I'll post it later on (if I ever finish it, hah..)

But yeah, I'll be writing about my costumes and photoshoots in the near future, after I've retouched more of those that I've taken and after I've gotten some more photos of me and my groups! :)