Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Non-cosplay photoshoot #2 with Lily

I thought that I could share some of my photography with you all, once again! :D
I still don't have any cosplay related posts coming, but I want to blog so.. Deal with it :'D
But some of the things I've bought have already arrived! But I'm still waiting for the rest of my things.. :) So no cosplay posts before I've got them all! :)

But about the photoshoot~
So.. It was 14.11.2011 when we had this photoshoot..
I went straight from work to Lily's place, we did have some tea first and after that I started doing her make-up, etc :) We had really good time while listening to music as we were shooting :D
We didn't really have one particular theme, but it was something mixed up with Alice in Wonderland and Kanon Wakeshima's "Still Doll".. :)
I think we got some pretty neat photos and that's one reason I'm sharing these with you anyway, lol :'D
So, as model there's Lily
Photosgraphy, make-up, styling and retouch is made by me :)
Dress is from 59Seconds
Necklaces are from Seppälä and Gran Canaria
and the headband is made by Jaakko Rintala :)

Here's the photos~

And we had another look too, here's one photo of that look~ We called it "Tuksu"-look (we named this look after one finnish wanna-be celebrity, Johanna Tukiainen, if you don't know her, google her..)

But I think Lily really knew how to pull that look off :'D
Hopefully I'll be able to finish one costume this weekend, if I'm able to do that, I'll be blogging about it as soon as possible :)
Btw, I'm not going to do any christmas-calendar in my blog, but hopefully there's going to be many of you that will have one, so that I can enjoy of those! :D Omg, December 1st is already tomorrow! Only 6 weeks left and then there's Desucon Frostbite! :)

Thursday, November 24, 2011

Let's have blue eyebrows!!

Well.. There's nothing going on here atm.. I'm still in progress for gathering things up (shoes, cardigans etc) for my cosplays (you know, those things I just can't make by myself).. I have 5 different packages coming to my address atm, but none has arrived yet :( And I'm bad at starting making things before I have all I need, so there's going to be a while before I post any wip photos.. :/

But! Today I went through my old albums at my computer and I found something interesting..
I made a "tutorial" last summer, just for fun, about how I cover my eyebrows and get that amazing blue color on them etc :) So I thought about sharing these  photos with you even though this is pretty simple and basic thing.. :D

I'm sorry for the bad web-cam quality (lol), but do enjoy :'D 

First: here's my eyebrows, they are dark and pretty dense too..

So what do I do? Here's my answer:

I use basic paper glue, this one is really good glue, it's by Scotch~
What I do is put that glue on my eyebrows, and I spread it in the same direction as the hair of my eyebrows goes :D 

After that I put on some foundation~
Mine is from Joe Blasco~ It's really good! (and expensive, buhuuuuu :( )

You can see, that my eyebrows are pretty much covered.. Because those are so dark, they still are visible, but it doesn't matter, when they ain't darker that the color I'm putting on..

I also used my powder on top of the foundation, to make it more attached and more matte like :D

After the eyebrows are covered, all you do is start drawing your eyebrows in the color you want them to be, I made mine blue this time~

When drawing your eyebrows it's good to follow-up the cahacters eyebrows that you are cosplaying as, but! The best shape of eyebrows that suit you is naturally the shape that your eyebrows are already! So my advise would be for you: follow your natural eyebrow and do small strokes! :) It's the best way to get a natural look :)

Then do the other one too! :)
I also used some eyeshadow on top of the eyebrow, to make my eyebrows look more matte too, because that eyeliner that I used as base had some shimmer in it..

And then you are done!

It's easy and simple, and all of this are basics, but I hope you enjoyed this! :)
Hopefully soon I can write about my Frostbite costumes! :D


ps. thank you for over 31 000 pageviews, I love you all! :3

Thursday, November 10, 2011


I promised a special post for my B-day, but as you can see, I didn't post anything and I do have my reasons for that :D But I'll try to do that thing when I reach my 100 blog post~

But here's some Q&A's that I gathered, so that I would have something to post.. But I also thought that this would be a nice way to let ppl know more about me in some way~
I'm not gonna tag anyone, but if you want to, you can (and hopefully will) do this :)
But here I go~

When did you begin cosplaying?
- That was at the summer of 2007. :)

What got you into cosplay?
- My best friend, Lily :)

What was your first costume and why?
- That was Naminé from Kingdom Hearts 2.. Why? Well.. I really liked the character then and it was pretty easy costume for a first timer.. :) And we (I and Lily) wanted a pair cosplay, so she was Kairi ;D Here's a pic of my Naminé~ :"D I think it's the only one I'll ever show to anyone and.. Gotta love pixels<3

From time when that Roxas was shorter than I.. Nowdays he's way taller than I.. :S
What is your favorite costume and why?
- Hmm.. I guess I don't have that kind of cosplay.. Because I do like my costumes but.. I think I could have done better job with them so.. But I guess I like Doll and Madam Red more than my other cosplays.. I'll show pics of those too~ :)

Do you have a dream costume you'd like to make?
- Of course I do have that kind of dream cosplay.. :D There's quite many, actually.. Like.. Anti-Spiral Nia Teppelin, Kecilia, Astharoshe Asran, etc :3 And hopefully one dream will come true next summer ;D

So far, what has been your most memorable cosplay experience?
- Hmm.. Hard to say, so many, I guess.. But I was so happy when some ppl told me that my Madam Red was the best they've seen, lol :'D

Do you participate in masquerades?
- Conventions, yes.. but I guess those are almost the same thing, huh?

If so, what's your best masq. experience?
- Well.. I'm not sure about this either :'D Lol.. :'D But but.. Let's just say that there hasn't been that memorable experience, but I have had some really good times :'D

Have you won any awards for your costumes?
- No, because I haven't taken part in any competitions before :) But maybe, juust maybe next summer~ :') If I get enough courage to take part in one, haha :D

Are you in school, have a family, hate your job, have any hobbies, etc?
- I'm working, so I have a job atm.. :D But I don't hate it ;D It's pretty nice, since I'm working in my grandma's firm :) Hobbies besides cosplay is photography and I'm going to start agility with my dog, Choco :) Aand, since I haven't shown any pics of him in this blog, I'll show you one~ :)

Anything else you'd like to add? Maybe reveal some future cosplays?
- Well.. I'm having some time off of cosplay now, but soon I'll start making my costumes for Desucon Frostbite.. And I think I have already told ppl what I'm gonna cosplay there, right? But in case you have forgotten, I'll tell you~ So at Saturday I'm going to cosplay Chikaru Minamoto (Strawberry Panic!), we have a group with 12 ppl in it :) And after our photoshoot with that group I'm going to change my outfit and cosplay Jessica Hamby (True Blood) :) And then my Sunday cosplay is still a secret ;D And I have some other plans too, like Vriska (Homestuck).. :) But I won't reveal all of those now, hahahah :D