Sunday, March 20, 2011

Prayers From Cosplayers

As I said that I would take part, now I have! :)

Here's my picture:
I know that some of my friends have already tooked part to this too :) At least one has :D

Any others that have taken part to this? :)
ps. here's the link to there once more ;D
pps. here link to my picture (it's the same as above, I just wanted to link it xD)

And I have a new cosplay dream atm *__* It's Penthesilea from Persona 3 (Mitsuru's Persona~)
Omnomnom! :D I've already done some planning how to make it, etc xD Well.. We'll see xD It's just a dream atm :)

Saturday, March 19, 2011

Fangirl giggle and a happy dance~

This has nothing to do with cosplay, but I'm so happy and exited about this so I can't help myself of writing this! :D

GRELL SUTCLIFF HAS APPEARED IN THE MANGA OF KUROSHITSUJI AGAIN (his last appearance in the manga was when he killed Madam, if someone didn't know that :D)
I'm so happy I could die<3 :'D You can read the newest chapter here!

If you ram such a BIIIG thing into her, she will break~

And then something important!
Prayers From Cosplayers is an international campaign and it's purpose is to support japanese anime and manga fans :) Any cosplayer can take part in it all you need to do is take a picture of yourself in your cosplay while your holding a plaque wich has Japan's flag on it and maybe some encouraging words :) You can add your picture there by pressing that "entry" button on their page :) I'm going to take part and I really hope that people who read this will do that too :)

BTW, my blogs pageviews has reached over 10 000~ :D Thank you all so much~ :D

Sunday, March 13, 2011

How to make paper roses

I finally finished making this tutorial! :D Hopefully it's any help for people who asked for it~ :D Enjoy~

Song 1: Rolling Girl - Hatsune Miku
Song 2: Palette World Breakdown - Hatsune Miku

Btw, I bought pair of high heels today from flea market that I could use in "Little Red Riding Hood" cosplay or in my Margaret cosplay.. I'm not sure wich one ;;__;; I could always first paint them red and then before Tracon paint them blue.. hmm..

Saturday, March 12, 2011

Palette World Breakdown & Little Red Riding Hood

So, in last post I told that I have some new plans (and before that I said I'm gonna keep my plans with no changes.. Well.. xD) and now I'm going to tell what those are :D

This is a secure one, it's Hatsune Miku and the outfit is from this song: Palette World Breakdown.. :) I like that song and her dress is cute :) Simple and easy, and really good for picnics and spring photoshooting :) Here's the video (PV):

And then there's one another Hatsune Miku outfit that I would love to make: Little Red Riding Hood(/"Kocchi Muite Baby"(?))

This outfit is so cute too (I guess I have some kind of cute-mode on.. hah :D But it's good to have some cute cosplays time to time, right? xD) :D And I guess I really have a fetish for bows, people, you were right about that D: But I'm not sure if I'm going to do this or not :) But I have that bracelet already and I have done some planning how to do it xD But we'll see~ :D

Friday, March 11, 2011

Medusa's nails

I finished those nails for my Medusa cosplay yesterday and made a little tutorial:

I'm pretty pleased with those, but.. I was going to do these differently at first.. I thought of making the arrows with paper and just adding them to it but then I made them with nail polish.. oh well, we'll see if I'm going to re-do these xD But hopefully you enjoy that video :) I'm also gonna (FINALLY!!!) do that paper rose tutorial too.. Yesterday I downloaded trial version of Sony Vegas Pro 10.0 so now it's a lot easier for me to do tutorials xD

And I'm also gonna work with "Le Grimoire" (Margaret's book) this week-end :) So I guess I'm gonna post something about that too :)

I have a new cosplay project ;D I'm going to make that cosplay for Bakacon and then also for photoshoots (I'm so gonna have one in Porvoo's old town!!!) and cosplay picnics (I wanna!!) :D So if someone is interested in having a photoshoot and cosplay picnic in Porvoo: comment!! :D

Monday, March 7, 2011


I'm going to start this cosplay year cosplaying Gwendolyn and Meiko, I havent progressed that much, but I have the wigs, and finally I'm able to add some pictures of those :)

Just to remind people, here's again a picture of Gwendolyn:

And here's the wig I'm going to use:

I don't think that blond hair suits me that much but maybe I've been wrong about that.. :) Next thing that I'm gonna do is those faschinators she has and modify this wig a little :) Next pictures of this cosplay then~

And I also have the wig for my Meiko cosplay, but first a picture of Meiko:

And then some picture's of the wig:

I have to make some waves to my wig and add a bow to it, but it's pretty perfect in any other ways :) I can't wait to start making this cosplay~ :)

That's all now, I have another things in progress too, but I don't have any pictures at the moment and I'm waiting for finishing them before I'm gonna do a post of those, put I'm in progress with Medusa's nails and MArgaret's book so :) I guess I'm gonna post about those pretty soon :) But untill then~